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08/29/12 | 12:38PM
Trying to screw me for 400 bucks.

I paid a security deposit when I got a plan with Verizon of $400 because I have very little credit history. I was told that after one year of timely payments, I would get it back.

One year past, I faithfully paid my bill, and I called in to reclaim my deposit. Weeks passed, no repayment.

I called again. They filed the paperwork again. Weeks past. Repeat for 5 months.

Finally, someone tells me something insane.

A few months after I signed up with Verizon, I also got Qwest internet service (now called Century Link). I signed up for combined billing. There was no fine print (I always read and save that stuff, so I'd remember if there was). It was as simple as switching your minutes.

Qwest is as much of a joke as Verizon, so they were nothing but problems, and a few months later I canceled my service.

So, why wasn't my deposit being paid out?

They claimed sent my deposit money--without my knowledge--to Qwest, and when Qwest changed over to Century Link, they purged old account numbers and had no record of receiving my money.

Verizon told me I was SOL and to go take it up with Century Link, who no longer had any record of my existence.

I wound up having to take out a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. Even then, it took 3 more months for them to pay out my money, and they refused to send it to me, but rather let it sit in my account.

I did the math and realized it would be cheaper to jump ship now and take the hit for the termination fee than to stick out my contract.

So I went to Virgin Mobile. No contract, less than half the price for more text and data.

Verizon is a scam. They spent 8 months refusing to pay me $400 that they lost. Idiots.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 945B85

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