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08/31/12 | 11:32AM
looking for ways to steal money from people

I hate verizon! I was about to go over my txting limit and they sent me a txt saying I need to upgrade my plan to avoid over charges. SO I upgraded to unlimited txt msgs. When I upgraded I took a screen shot of verizon website saying that the upgrade to unlimited txts was back dated. I got my bill and was charged for unlimited txt msgs and $50+ for overage txt msgs! I called customer service and they said I would have to pay for the unlimited txt msgs that month and pay the 50+ overage because my plan was NOT back dated for that billing cycle. I argued with the customer service guy for a while and I finally got so annoyed I hung up on him. In the past the only way I could get help from a verizon rep. was if I was talking to black lady. Therefore I decided to call and hang up until I got a black lady on the phone. A few hangs-ups later I get a black lady on the phone!!!!! She brings up my account before I say anything she says that I am right the upgrade to unlimited txts msgs was suppose to be back dated! She happily took the crazy charges off for the txts msgs!


verizon is doing it AGAIN!

I upgraded my phone again!! My boyfriend is on a different phone service that is why I keep updating my phone plan and also I get charged minutes for when I hang my phone up and it sometimes will not hang up and stay on the line for 10+ minutes! I upgraded my plan but when I got my bill it added 79.99(billed in advance) HOLD UP!! seriously? you expect me to pay this crazy amount extra and believe I will not get billed the same charge next month?! I refused to pay my bill that month. Next bill I got I compared bills for 2 months they were expecting me to pay 79.99 for 2 yes TWO months of service! I havent called about this yet but I am going complain and see if there is a way to get out of my contract for cheap or even free! This is crazy that can screw you out of so much money!

Lnz - Verizon H8er ID: 24B008

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03/02/19 | 18:07PM
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brandondz11 - Verizon H8er ID: 2C2B7B

04/08/19 | 4:44AM
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EvdokimZep - Verizon H8er ID: DBB714

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