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02/28/06 | 1:50AM
I used to love Verizon...

I used to love Verizon... However, over the past couple years their quality in customer service has dropped tremendously. As others, I too had been transferred from department to department, always getting the wrong department. When I asked to speak to the complaint department. They had the nerve to ask what the complaint was about. I told them it was everything billing, customer service, repairs, etc., etc., etc. They told me they'll transfer me... I get repairs and started telling them my complaint. They told me they couldn't help me, so that transfer me to (supposedly) the correct department. I get collections and start to complain to them. This is the wrong department, so they transfer me to customer service. By this time, I pissed. The customer service rep didn't even speak English and hung up on me. I call back and start complaining to the first rep I get. She has the nerve to ask what specifically the complaint is about. I told her Verizon. I also told her I want to speak with someone who handles all the complaints for any issues pertaining to Verizon. She tells me they don't have anyone that can help me. Each department handles their own. First I said, you don't have an upper management level that can handle overall problems with Verizon. Her answer was no... only specific problems such as with repairs. I asked her if she was customer service and she said she was. I said then 'you' can handle a customer service complaint correct. I'll have to transfer you. I said don't bother. I'll turn this over to the FCC. I did that and just received the form to file a former complaint. If anyone is interested. File a complaint with the FCC... send them an email and they'll send you the information on how to file a former complaint.

- Verizon H8er ID: 238922

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04/22/19 | 18:53PM
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careyge11 - Verizon H8er ID: CC1734

04/24/19 | 19:17PM

Johnnybak - Verizon H8er ID: FF379A

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