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09/05/12 | 5:33AM
stop complaining

see the fcc website on slc charges which verizons charging you for and they dont have to charge you at all!!!! corporate greed your paying about 10 bucks extra a month now multiply that times millions of customers you have a choice leave them no other company charges this charge they need to re-coop all the money from all the lawsuits and setting up fios to half of there customers in there network there employees are suing them left and right wake up!!! its your money your wastig

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: BA7372

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09/06/12 | 7:30AM
Exactly!!!!! I worked for Verizon Communication in the Business Sales Center in Pomona, California and I have to agree. Google VERIZON ADA DISABILITY LAWSUITS, VERIZON CFRA LAWSUITS AND VERIZON WHISTLEBLOWER LAWSUITS and trust me you'll understand what is going on. Verizon has the highest paid lawsuits for all of these "proven" discriminations/fraudulent activities. Verizon has paid out millions of dollars in lawsuits in Jan 2012, Feb 2012 and April 2012. Verizon has mysteriously created new "Verizon" taxes on your business bills such as the "slc recovery charge" which is not a federal or state tax. Notice on your bill that the "Verizon Taxes" are abnormally higher than your regular taxes.We the employees in billing couldn't even figure them out or figure out why the bundles and taxes never added up correctly until the lawsuits were paid and then we realized the new taxes are being charged to underhandedly recuperate the monies lost to these lawsuits. Think about it. If you go to FCC'S official website it will break down the taxes in official detail. But beware, because this is just the bullshit way that Verizon presented it to the FCC to get their approval so they can't be sued by customer's (again) worldwide for fraud. And if you do decide to go to the FCC's website pay attention to the fact that the FCC states that this was Verizon's decision........ to overcharge their so called "VALUED CUSTOMERS". WITH NO VASELINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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