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03/09/07 | 21:30PM
The following is a letter I sent to my local Verizon store.

The following is a letter I sent to my local Verizon store:

In November I received my monthly bill (which was usually around $100) and it was $204.96. I could not understand why, but with three lines and 1000 total minutes I assumed I was way over the limit. I paid the full amount and planned on upgrading my plan to allow for more minutes.

On December 12, at about 4:00 P.M., I came to your store and after talking to a sales rep (Joe?) I chose the 2100 minute plan. The sales rep back dated it so it was effective Dec 4th. Twenty minutes later I was at home and in my mail was the December Verizon bill. It showed a credit balance of -$24.24 because I had paid $116.43 too much the previous month because of a Verizon error. I called your office and eventually was connected with Jaime in Customer Service. He said he would void my 2100 minute plan and put me back on the 1000 minute plan.

Now on my January bill (which again is all screwed up because of Verizon) I am being charged for the 2100 minute plan for a partial month (12/4-12/15). Because of this oversight the bill says I owe $120.93 for my monthly charge instead of what it should be for the 1000 minute plan, $89.98. Someone in your office needs to figure out a way to get $30.95 subtracted from my bill because I am only going to send in $89.98.

When I was a Cell 2000 customer I would rate their customer service a “10” on a scale of 1-10. Since being acquired by Verizon, my encounters with Verizon have been numerous and all of them frustrating. I laugh when I see your commercials on TV because they project Verizon as a sort of god in the area of customer service, when my experiences have been more like hell. Verizon gets a “zero” in customer service.

I have documented my other negative experiences which includes two days loss of service (without any reduction in the monthly charge), your store voicemail telling me the voicemail box is full, call later, being transferred to another person only to get caught up in your phone system and the only way out is to hang up and dial again, etc….. If this matter is not quickly resolved I will be forced to terminate my service with Verizon, and I will not pay any early termination fees without you taking me to court and getting a judgment in your favor, which I do not believe you could do because you are the ones who have failed to live up to your end of the contractual agreement we have.

- Verizon H8er ID: B5743D

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