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09/24/06 | 4:47AM
former Verizon landline employee

Just want to agree with previous entry from employee. Yes, Verizon only cares about the bottom line. They can't understand landline loss, my reponse is customer service, give the customer great service for a good price, hire people who care if the phone service works and that the bill is correct. If something's wrong then fix it right the first time. Don't hire people who are only worried about winning trips, flat screen tv, ipods, and other prizes for sell, sell, selling. Wish I could feel sorry for the management people who lost their jobs because revenue is down, but I can't.

- Verizon H8er ID: BA8003

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01/04/11 | 4:17AM
I thought the old baby bell landline employees were only interested in overtime and getting over.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 05EEEE

01/29/11 | 4:02AM
rif time for that guy....

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 94C689

03/27/11 | 17:21PM
Hate to say but Verizon lost the landline after the break-up of Ma Bell. JOB SECURITY become the number one issue for management & the union. Not dailtone , not quality service , not quality techs, not safey. PRODUCTIVITY became the number one goal besides politicing for training or a promotion.

Pretty pathetic when employees STEAL tech manuals so they can hoard the information and make them the go to guy. Pretty pathetic that it takes 9-11 and dufuss in the 2000 strike that cut cables or sabotaged company plant to realize that what they were doing IS a CRIME. The old timers always tried to justify sabotage as 'showing the company' doing a strike or fix one break one to get and maintain their overtime.

When loaning out techs to other districts became common place by the mid 90s it's pathetic when the districts home techs(supposed union buddies) all but threaten you to only fix your customer's pair and to simply drop out or swith a customer's troubled cable pair to a new one never fixing the problems that caused the trouble and thus keeping their overtime hours up. It's pretty pathetic when techs would turn equipment on and off real fast so an alarm and trouble ticket would be generated so they could get overtime or a job near their current location.

The union mentality(NOT the union) & employees unwiley sense of entitlement that only they could do the job or that they were entitled to overtime on a weekly basis screwed the copper plant and customers to this very day. Throw in that same unwiley sense of entitlement to management productivity expectations we all screwed.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: BCC01D

04/29/11 | 16:13PM
I noticed the ones who really want you to piss off when you call in have an identification beginning with "V" and then a set of numbers. It's been a pattern when I call in. I've talked to 2 people whos id's began with a "Z" and they're pretty helpful. Those are the only 2 letters I've heard. I don't know how to distinguish if one is a newer group that really cares. Once or twice you'll get a fuss about asking for an id. I'm guessing there isn't much accountability with the ids as it could be random #s, but the 2 letters have only been v and z when I've been given them.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: DA2FEF

08/05/11 | 9:39AM
what is the issue you are calling about?

tom f. - Verizon H8er ID: 0F003C

07/18/14 | 23:29PM
In response to the person who commented about "V" and "Z" id's, you have it completely back words. "Z" reps are contracted and do everything in their power to just get you off the phone. They are told to deny any credit and when you ask for a supervisor they can NEVER get one. Then they tell you one will call you back. Lol. Never happens. They have shit for training and most of the time can't or won't help you. I know there are problems with "V" reps but it all stems from the management and their greed. From McAdams all the way down to the shithead supervisors in the call centers.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: D2802A

03/23/19 | 4:45AM
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