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03/10/07 | 1:49AM
Verizon: Be Warned

Letter I sent to all my contacts today...

Now I know that most of you know how much I despise Verizon. I also thought some of you could learn from my challenges today.

Over the years I was with them I have been the victim of their fraudulent business practices, and have had to spend nearly days (when you accumulate the hours) fighting to get money back, or errors corrected. Somehow, the $175 termination fee was enough to keep me from leaving, but as you all have my new cell number you know that I left. Well in my last ditch effort for payback, I thought I'd let you all know what shenanigans they just pulled on me this time.

I called to disconnect my service and after going through countless menus and holding for 5 minutes (which I know we are all accustomed to) the "customer service" lady told me that they would not be able to disconnect my service until the end of my billing cycle (April 4th). This would mean that I would have to pay them for the next 3 weeks of service that I am not using.

Of course I asked to speak to a supervisor, and of course, as usual (Verizon reps would rather have your blood boil --this I know from experience) she tried to prevent me from doing so. After arguing for a minute she agreed to put me through and put me on hold. Three minutes later she picks up and says that the supervisor "told her xyz...yada...yada..yada..." At this point (I cant scream at work) I changed my tone from Defcon 3 to Defcon 4 (defense terminology for the levels of readiness before war, with 5 being the highest and nearly the hardest tone I have). I told her that she had now lied to me twice (once for telling me that she cannot disconnect my service today, the other for telling me that she would put me through to a supervisor) and if she lied to me a third time, I would be incredibly angry--as if my current tone wasn't enough. So I asked again to speak to a supervisor. So again I went on hold, and again 3 minutes later she picks up and has agreed to disconnect my service as of today. At the end of the call I suggested she think twice about working for a company that forces her to lie.

We'll see if things work out as she said they would. My guess is this is the first of a number of fights with Verizon. The beauty of having a perfect credit rating though is that you can take liberties and not pay once in a while, if you have to!

Nonetheless, I am nearly rid of them, and still its a fight to the bitter end. I can't tell anyone what to do, but please consider leaving if you are with them. If you have not had these experiences yet, you will. If you don't know much about what they do wrong do a simply Google search and you'll find out. My favorite site has a name that my company prevents me from typing here (THIS ONE!!!). And of course feel free to share their business practices with your friends and attorney acquaintances. I'm sure there is a ton of money here in a class action lawsuit. It wouldn't be their first and I'd love to be a witness!!!

Sorry for the rant, but now I am feeling a little better! Makes me think of buying the domain: lifestooshort-anythingbutverizon.com!!!

- Verizon H8er ID: 8E9B2B

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