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09/15/12 | 17:03PM
Outside plant worker

I was just informed by a 1st level supervisor that a good part of his rating is determined by how much discipline he or she hands out per month

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: DFC9C5

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09/15/12 | 23:33PM
Been in the management mindset for decades, quite old shcool union v management actually. Alot of forman ignore it because once they have a group they are happy with why mess with it.

I had a second level that handed checklists including a safety checklist and told the forman there should be no problem finding a gig on someone. Also had a dm say the forman should be able to fire at least one person on their group a year.

They fire you, they don't have to pay unemployment, severance or bennies. They fire and keep layoffs down it makes a rosier picture for Wall Street as far as the company doing well.

As long as the process is that's one of the things the union has done well-keep indivuals on the job even if it's years later with back pay.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 21B3B2

09/18/12 | 15:01PM
It's this management v union mindset, these conflicts that have degraded the technical competency of this cry baby bell now called Verizon.

These games of gotcha become the focus of the job. Employees including lower management are more worried about administrative conflict than technical competency or how they can improve themselves. These policies lead to attitude which leads to the ends justify the means. That means you have employees lying, doing half assed jobs, ignoring detail, neglecting safety, screwing customers because it's about dealing with their boss or getting back at the company.

This is one reason why the copper plant got so bad after the breakup in 1984 which allowed the Comcasts of the catv world to take chunks of Verizon's business. Verizon, with a fully motivated and happy employees could've had copper plant that would've carried a better and cheaper DSL service. But instead you had ticked techs 'working' on plant with overtime or getting back at the company in mind and NOT a good job.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 21B3B2

03/03/19 | 4:07AM
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