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09/15/12 | 18:19PM
Horrible How they Lie and dont care

I had a blackberry bold for the past 2 years with a $15 data package and the phone died on July 6th. My upgrade was not eligible till Aug 18th. So i activated an old Lg Env2 which made me change my data plan to a non data plan. I called Verizon and told them the situation and was told that I have nothing to worry about that i am grandfathered into my $15 data package as long as I do not upgrade to a new phone which will then force me to the new $30 data plan. So i went on ebay and bought a used out of contract blackberry bold. I call them to activate and put back my $15 data plan and was told that it has to go through 3 channles of acceptance but since i did not upgrade my phone i should have no problem activating my $15 150mb data package and it should be active with in 5 to 10 days. I called back on the 5th day and the 10th day to still not yet approved. I called back last Thursday which was almost the 20th day of waiting and was told by another rep that she is sorry because I was actually approved on September 1st and the original rep was supposed to call me and let me know but since 5 days has passed they will have to request the plan all over again. I told her you're kidding me right? she says i am sorry but i have requested it and it should take 5 days to go through the channels and she will make sure that she calls me on Tuesday September 12th. I never received a call on Tuesday, Now I call back Verizon specialist and they tell me I am denied and that there is no request or any record of conversation of me speaking to a rep and being approved. The specialist also told me there was no way you could have gotten the $15 data package because the request had to be put in no later than 14 days after changing your plan and its almost a month and half since you changed your plan with the LG Env2. I could not believe it. All that time every rep lied to me.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 229597

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09/19/12 | 3:59AM
Go to the Better Business Bureau, they helped me. Make a complaint, at least then someone higher up from Verizon has to call you. As long as you are nice to this person I bet they will put you on the 15 data plan. I got 80.40$ back from an early termination fee by doing this and I never thought that was going to happen. Make sure to take the name of the representative down just in case.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 315676

05/02/19 | 4:59AM
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kimberleybq1 - Verizon H8er ID: F34949

05/15/19 | 3:30AM


WilliamSek - Verizon H8er ID: E7100D

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