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09/18/12 | 18:43PM

So, LIKE AN ASSHOLE I got rid of DIRECT-TV that I had PROBLEM FREE for 8 years because they kept on raising the monthly rates and kept taking away channels and I signed up for VERIZON FIOS' "$99.99" per month "triple-play" screw-you plan for a two year "agreement" which was supposed to include 25mb download/15mb upload, Not ONCE during that two year period did I ever achieve 25/15 internet speeds that I PAID for either wirelessly or hardwired! My bill was NEVER anywhere near the stated LIE of $99.99 per month after all of their hidden (EXTORTION) "fees", (hidden/made up) "Tax" charges and "other" (what ever the fuck they are) fees and charges which really boils down to CORPORATE GREED POCKET LINING! My bill was more like $155 per month! $55 worth of "Fees" and "Taxes" on 99.99!? That is roughly .51 cents on each and every fucking damn dollar which seems to be totally Legal for scumbag rip off corporates to get away with, but illegal for anyone on the street to ever charge someone! I knew my two year agreement was ending around May 1st, SO I called to renew or get another "plan", their idiotic customer service RETARD told me that I would have to wait until a day or two before my current plan expired to renew because they can't change my plan or renew it while it's still active (LIES!), so I waited three about weeks and called these SCUMBAG ASSHOLES back, the second retarded fucking asshole told me that now I was too fucking late to renew for the upcoming month and would have to go 1 month without a plan but that I could get hooked onto a different plan since they no longer have the $99.99 plan, their only cheaper than $99.99 was for less channels (I only had basic bullshit channels at this point anyway!) and much slower internet (15/5), so I asked what their next plan would be, of course the cunt says that I can get the same shitty ass channels I already get, same phone plan but upgrade internet speed to 25/25 and for "ONLY" $129.99! WoW! FUCKING THIEVES! My bill is $175-$190 EVERY MONTH! Yet just about once, twice, even three and four times every day my TV channels are interrupted by them stupid emergency broadcast system tests, I even called a few weeks ago and ASKED WHY the FUCK do they run WEEKLY tests two, three, four times per day and always in the middle of programing? The fat CUNT BITCH customer piss off retard stated "Sir we DON'T run EBS tests more than once per week, your a liar!" WHAT?!?!? Did I Really hear you call ME a liar you FAT CUNT! (You could tell she was a morbidly obese fat tub blimp cunt piece of shit from the sound of her moose voice). CALL me A FUCKING liar you filthy diseased twat! REALLY CUNT?, I DIDN'T JUST SEE THE TEST RAN FOR THE 4TH TIME TODAY?!?!?!, nah, I JUST FELT LIKE CALLING YOU RETARDED UNDER TRAINED ASSHOLES UP AND WASTING AN HOUR OF MY PRECIOUS TIME TO ASK ABOUT THINGS THAT DON'T HAPPEN?! FUCKING DOUCHEBAG BITCH ASSHOLE!. I had to call them again last month because my shitty internet connections always keep getting "Lost" on my hardwired desktop computer, my laptop (both hard wired and wireless), PS3 which is hardwired, X-Box-360 also hardwired, Phone quality is awful, TV set top boxes always have problems, I got stuck speaking with "Habib" the moron (Of course they outsource their phone tech support to third world shitheads!), he asked 800000 stupid unrelated questions and wasted three hours than finally said "I've run a few tests and I can see there is some issue (They ALWASY say Issue and can NEVER just say problem), so he said he would mail me a new router and I would have to mail them the old one back, I said NOT GOOD ENOUGH JERKOFF! I DONT pay nearly 200 per month for ME to fix YOUR SHIT! He sent it anyway, I spent MY time hooking it up where the old one was, it did NOT function correctly and forced me to have to call these assholes!, turned out that the "New" router was a bad refurbished piece of junk, they sent someone out three days later who installed a newer router, it worked but I still kept on losing my connections so they ent another idiot who changed half the shit in the ONT box, why half and not the whole box is beyond me and the guy wouldn't answer the question except to say that the part he was swapping out was probably the bad one! so now 4 days later I am still losing my connections and am fed up, I am going to call these cocksuckers and tell them to come take all their bullshit out of my fucking house or I will rip it all out and smash it all to bits! FUCK VERIZON, IF YOU DON'T HAVE IT YOUR LUCKY, DON'T EVER SIGN UP WITH THESE GREEDY COCKSUCKING FUDGEPACKING FAGGIT RETARDS

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: FF870E

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09/18/12 | 19:13PM
That's the problem with these package deals. They are door busters or bait to get you to sign up. They figure once you have their service you won't bother to shop. This is why when FIOS first started coming out they making customers take/give up all of their old catv/phone wiring so you couldn't go back.

Then nobody thinks about things like fees and taxes. These should not be hidden in the fine print. Some of these fees and taxes can raise a bill/advertised price by 50%. FULL DISCLOSURE of the ACTUAL monthly bill price should be required. But impotent and corrupt regulators let the cry baby bells get away with this crap.

I'd look at a local competitor even if a wireless one such as ClearWire for internet. There's always the local catv competitor. If the cancellation fee isn't too bad dump Verizon. Tell your next provider you might have to pay a cancellation fee and they might bargain with you with credits or agreeing to pay the fee.

Good Luck

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 4AE62E

10/05/12 | 9:05AM
You can call directly to the CEO's Office In their Corporate Head Quarters. Give it a Try , I got through yesterday, They were very nice And helpful. Buy the way your story was very funny. I hope these numbers help you, Do not give this number out to others unless you know they have trouble with their service. Because if everyone starts calling they will change the numbers,
e-mails & fax numbers and we will be out in the cold if anything ever happens again. So be very careful who you give these numbers to.

Mark D. Reddick
Executive Customer Relations
140 West St.
Manhattan, NY 10007
212-321-8457 (office)
212-321-1047 (fax)

Call 1-800-483-7988 and press 3 to reach the Verizon Customer Advocates for landlines and DSL.

Cassandra Flippin
Consumer Advocate in the Verizon Executive Offices

Hope they can help you get it right.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 4451EB

04/09/19 | 15:31PM
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Jeacarp - Verizon H8er ID: 76A07A

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