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03/14/07 | 23:51PM

SO I recently moved, and I HAD TO sign up with verizon for home phone services. I have been an SBC/AT&T customer since I was in diapers! :)
Well we moved and i plugged in my phones in the NEW place, NO DIAL TONE... so I call verizon and I am kept on hold for 45mins, then im transfered to a TECHNICAL VOICE AUTOMATED thing. im thinking to myself i need to talk to someone my phone isnt working. I call again and hold for another 50 mins.. the lady answers and is like do your jacks work, I was like i dont know I just know i get no dial tone. She says please hold and she transfers me to that DARN TECHNICAL VOICE AUTOMATED thing.. I try to be patient and follow its propmts 10mins later is make a DIAGNOSIS on my line and basically tells me its not thier problem, its internal i schedule a appointment for someone to come take a look at it, then a lady calls me and says for verizon to come out, it will be about 70.00 just to come out, thats not to fix the problem.. She proceeds to tell me it will probably be another 130.00 to fix it. I was like well im at your mercy send someone out please. Saturday comes along and no one shows up all day... I call Verizon and of course they are closed saturday and sunday. Then I call monday morning to cancel services, so they act concerned for some reason and this really nice gentleman assures me no charges will be coming to me since I have not USED the PHONE services, since the DARN LINE STILL DOESNT WORK! SOooo I get a bill yesterday (3/13/07) for 78.90 holy moley FOR WHAT!! I call them and I was on hold for 30mins then the systems cuts me off THEY ARE CLOSED FOR THE DAY!! (RED FACE) I call this morning.. (3/14/07) I tell them I have this bill for 78.90 and I believe there has been a mistake. They told me no, no mistake I owe the money and they also told me that the services are still active (mind you I now have TIME WARNER AND THEY ARE A PIECE OF HEAVEN) I was like WHAT I CALLED AND CANCELED and they were like well let me check our notes... blah blah .. so they check and find out I did call and canceled the other rep made a mistake, and she tells me well we are going to update the info and send you a bill, WHAT???!!! A bill for what .. and she was like well you had the service since FEB 23 AND you CANCELED on FEB 26 , she TELLS ME DONT YOU UNDERSTAND THAT MA'AM! (STEAM OUT MY EARS) I told her now im a damn retard.. but how can you CHARGE ME FOR A SERVICE I NEVER RECIEVED... She told me its not our fault if your JACKS were not working... I hung up on her and had my husband call and speak to a supervisor.. some idiot got on the phone and was just as uneducated and rude and the woman before!! So now I will have to pay for 3-4 days of service i couldnt even use!!! BASTARDS!!

- Verizon H8er ID: EF3CDF

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