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03/15/07 | 19:56PM
FiOS TV and Internet Customer -HOSED! Screw you Verizon!

This is an abridged version pasted together from several of my very recent posts to various internet sites.

I was a FIOS TV and Internet subscriber since Jan 22, 2007. I switched from Comcast because I thought pricing at Verizon was better and they were rumored to have superior picture quality in standard and high definition aspects. After less than two months, I left for the following list of reasons. But to summarize, Verizon condones their reps blatantly lying to people, not following up on actual problems, not documenting repeated calls about the same problem, and flat out, NOT CARING. Professional consumer rapists. May their entire company, sans the one decent person I spoke to in the end, all burn in hell.

1.) Verizon billing is known to be a mess. But it turns out, if you're not a Verizon home phone subscriber, billing goes from being a mess to a total wreck. I was a TV and Internet-only subscriber only (we use cell phoners exclusively (Cingular)); I was billed twice to my Amex. I was being charged $5 more per month from internet than originally quoted, making it the same price (almost) as my Comcast connection and it didn't seem any faster. However, Comcast was already fast, so I'm not whining about the speed per se.

2.) I called billing and customer service to say that the bill online is inaccurate. It didn't have any of the TV charges that I was hit for on my Amex. 5 different phone calls to five different reps, who all promised a supervisor would call me to straighten it out. Never got a call back. I waited for a total of a month.

3.) Phone menu is by far the roughest, most frustrating thing I've ever dealt with. If you have to call to try and straighten a problem out like mine, you'll see. The menu will consistently route you to the wrong personnel. I'd gotten busy signals in the menu, I've been put to Sales when I wanted Billing (like 20 times, it's SO G.D@MN FRUSTRATING)...

4.) Once you get to a human, my experience was that about 90% of the time, the people are underinformed, quick to get snippy, and they make promises they don't keep. God as my witness, I was nice on the phone every time. 5 unreturned requests for supervisor call-back. 1 intentional hang up. 1 intentional dumping to the main menu. Yes, they actually hung up on me when we were talking about what the final bill including all their penalties for terminating service, was totaling to. This is like something you read about in the NY Times. Experiencing it was something I can't even relate very well. Truly astounding.

5.) MultiRoom DVR has a lot of bugs. Satellite boxes frequently can't read the hub DVR, causing you to have to reset the box. When you reset a box, you lose all customizations on your box (like channel list edits), and sometimes even your scheduled recording setup.

6.) Internet connection goes down if your PC has a "sleep mode" setup in the Power Setup in Windows, which mine does.

In my mind, Verizon exploited every loophole in a system that in the end fails to uphold any resemblance of consumer rights. I wish I had the know-how to class action sue them. The fact that I'm paying $180 to terminate the agreement is disturbing considering I never received a good bill and I never received any help from their reps. I hate you Verizon, with every bone in my body. I hope you get bought by a Mexican company and broken into small little pieces, and the people that allow this to go on should be forced to run backwards through a corn field with their pants pulled down. I beg of anyone reading this to never give Verizon a minute of your time or a dime of your money. They're (un)professional liars.

- Verizon H8er ID: 0EA3EF

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08/23/08 | 19:46PM
Since 06/10/08 I have wasted 1395 minutes on the telephone with FIOS representatives trying to resolve a simple billing issue. Every time that I called I was told something similar but different like pieces of a puzzle. Day’s weeks and months passed while the same problem was fixed again and again often creating new problems service outages and lost email accounts.
Something is seriously wrong. I am certain that several exceptional employees fixed the problems, they followed through, they produced results, then something undermined their work and recreated the problem.
Today I received a cellular bill with $274.00 in overage charges from calling FIOS support numbers, 1395 minutes in one month is unbelievable but well documented by my cellular bill. My cellular provider was amazed to see that all of the calls were to FIOS support numbers. In 5 years I had never exceeded my allocated minutes.
I put in a disconnect order for my cellular phone and FIOS accounts. As much as I like FIOS - Verizon has driven me back to Comcast for a triple play, an amazing feat. I see Comcast differently now. I find it confusing that VIOS would spend so much money running fiber to the curb only to alienate their customers so much that they return to Comcast. My cellular company was sympathetic and gave me a $75.00 refund even though I was cancelling my service. Verizon offered me $25.00 which I refused and took as an insult. I ordered Comcast triple play to use the unlimited calling feature to cover the next 1395 minutes spent with FIOS insuring that my account is truly closed and my credit is not bring damaged by some mystery account related to a telephone number changed years past.

This is a horrible expensive time consuming experience one that I will never forget. I was with Comcast from the @home days FIOS is better but not that much better. On any given day Comcast was as fast or faster surfing the net. FIOS is fast enough to fill your hard drive overnight but its billing system is a patchwork of incompatible kludges of obsolete telephone systems.

FIOS is great until you are forced to deal with the business office and technical support. I really wanted FIOS but I got a VIOS that I can’t get rid of. Personal Account Managers are patsies hired to take the heat, fall guys and girls on mission impossible. VIOS has the best technology and employee’s totally dependent upon an obsolete billing system.

ps I claim all rights to the term VIOS

- Verizon H8er ID: A6EEFD

10/23/10 | 22:38PM
It is still just as bad! We wanted to upgrade to FIOS so we placed an order. The installation was scheduled for today from 8am-12pm. Nobody showed up! I called Verizon and was transferred 4 times over the 1-1/2 hours. They said it was put on hold since the third party verification hadn't been done. They have rescheduled the installation to Wednesday and they needed to call the independent company to make the third party verification. I was put on hold until someone from the independent company came on the line. She said to call back on Monday!!!!!!!


Annoyed Verizon Customer - Verizon H8er ID: F674FE

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