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09/26/12 | 10:58AM
Verizon is terrible.

Verizon is terrible. I would know. I work for them. I used to have them for about 6 months as my service provider which was terrible. They lie to their customers, and they don't have real customer service representatives. It's all about sales. If you have Verizon, please get rid of them. It would seriously make the world a better place. I can't go into much detail without getting sued, but they're a seriously messed up company. They cut costs as much as possible. You may think that you're getting the best service, but in fact you're getting at the very best mediocre service.We count on the fact that most people have a very limited knowledge of technology. Everyday when I talk to customers, I want to tell them to cancel their service and never come back. Working for Verizon wracks me with guilt. Which is why I'm up at three in the morning writing this comment. I'm currently looking for another less stressful job. I hate Verizon more than anything. They must be stopped.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 5F9121

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09/26/12 | 15:50PM
I feel your pain . I have a union job in the company that I absolutly love, and do my best at every day to make suscribers happy.Management doesn't care about that. It takes time and money to satisy a customer.Verizon is a very profit oriented company.Caring about an employee who cares for their customers is not in their buisness plan.To save money upper management places demands on lower management to help the company reduce it's payroll by harassing it's technicians and then disiplining them with termination or suspensions. Unfortunately this is the true verizon way.I know many employees that just can't get used to this fact. I believe that the company lies about the profits it makes on land lines and their bottom line numbers,on lost land lines. The reigning CEO isn't fond of the union,being from the wireless end of the industry and he's constantly showing his hatred towards the union workers. It's our choice to work here and currently I'm here for the wages and befefits, that may soon be going by the wayside. At this point all we can do is try to dodge buttets and hope the CEO comes to his senses.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: B21938

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