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03/18/07 | 14:38PM
Class action suit against Verizon?

I have continual errors on my Verizon bill, some of them resulting in suspended service. Lately, a charge of $93 has mysteriously showed up on my bill and I have been variously told (1) it dates back to 2004 and I have consistently been underpaying my bill by that amount since that date (????), (2) it dates back to August/September 2006 and remains due, (3) I spoke to someone named Rebecca about this back in September and she issued me a $50 credit for this (not sure how this could have happened since the charge did not show up until January), and so on. I believe that the accounting issues at Verizon are so massive that there is likely to be a way of bringing a class action law suit against them for overcharging customers and not fulfilling their contractual obligations. I am a lawyer myself, but not a telecoms lawyer or a litigator. If anyone knows a lawyer who would like to take this on, please refer them to kchouai@hotmail.com.

- Verizon H8er ID: 946A3D

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08/28/08 | 19:56PM
I think there was at one point in Florida a class action suit through the Attorney General's office about these same issues. Maybe you could start there in your state and see what they say.

- Verizon H8er ID: 5F92FD

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