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09/30/12 | 2:50AM
Verizon is terrible

Why Verizon sucks:

1)Errors on your bill
2)Bloatware apps on your smartphone
3)You pay money each month for 6 yr old cable boxes
4)When you call support, it takes hours to get your issue resolved, and they make money when you go over your minutes.
5)You only get good deals for your first year as a customer. After that it cost more and worse. You were a customer for 5 years? They don't care.
6)I can't even get an internet connection throughout my house.
7)They have the least user friendly website I have ever seen. I can't find anything on their website.
8)Their revenue each year is $110.8 billion. They only make $2.4 billion profit. Compare this to Google. Their revenue is $37 billion, and they make $10 billion profit. So Verizon obviously can't manage their company correctly.
9)They take forever to approve updates to Android phones. Only because these updates don't make them any money.
10)I bet I could write many more reasons, but I have some calls to make to verizon...

Jamaall Smith - Verizon H8er ID: 470189

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