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10/05/12 | 0:34AM
New Service Whith Out Services

Hello Everyone,

I just got the Fios Bundle. The Technician came and installed the Fios Package. But he never left me any phones numbers for any department or where to call for any services if something ever went wrong with my service. He was a very nice and professional, but he did not finish his install.

I have been calling Verizon for the past 3 days. the 1st time I called I had to wait on the phone for 57 min. The 2nd time on Tuesday I waited 1hr.and 47 min. I hung up on both times. I could not believe that they could make someone wait that long on the phone. But they did it to me. Then yesterday I received a call from my physician and he stated that he could not leave me a message because I had no Voice Mail.

I stated to him that for the past 3 days I have been trying to get in touch with Verizon , because none of my features work. I finally then called for the last time "TODAY" and no one again did not answered the phone. I was so frustrated that I just wanted the service to be disconnected. I was on the phone for about 94 min, according to my phone that has a timer.

I hung up again because someone was a my door. It was my next door neighbor. When I opened the door she stated why are you so red and sweating. I told her that I could not take this pressure anymore. I hung up again and she stated for me to call again for the last time and stated that she would stay with me until they would answer , she was just as upset as I was.

You cannot imagine when I called back, how long it took again. I had waited for someone to answer that Dam phone. Well It was 3hrs 22min and 36 seconds. This was the Last Harrah. If they would not answer this last time. I was going to take every thing pack it up send it back and call and Report to the Public Utilities Department and to The CEO Office of Verizon is In New York City Corporate Offices. But my blood pressure got so out of control, that I thank God for having my neighbor at my apt. She calmed me down.

My portable phone was beeping, It was dying out. My neighbor ran to the kitchen and picked up the other phone. when she clicked her phone on my phone died. Then finally a gentleman answered. I explained the problem and he could not believe that I was on the phone for that long, just waiting for someone to answer. He kept apologizing on and on. He checked and stated that I could not activate my Voice mail or other features because it stated in his display that their was something wrong.

Then he checked further in his system and stated that he saw a problem with my Digital Voice Mail he also stated that I should report to a supervisor about the problem on my Verizon page and my e-mail services that was not done by the Technician along with the waiting time and about what was not done in my order. They also Gave me the wrong order that I had picked from the beginning and I did not want a contract and the second lady that came on tricked me in to a contract. That's not the only thing, she kept putting up the price and charged me the DVR when it is free. That gentleman was so professional that it was nice to hear him talk he kept on apologizing for Verizon , and I found that this person was a true professional.

He stated that he would make notes on the account so the supervisors can see what the problem was. He also stated that he would be off for the next 2 days and that when he returned on Friday that he would call and check to see if the problem was taken care off. I was grateful that he took the time to apologize of the problem and that he was nice enough to care. Now Today I called Verizon and waited 42 min. for someone to pick up the phone. I explained to the customer service gentleman and I stated that I would like to transfer me to supervisor.

He stated that he would transfer me. he did and a busy signal came on. So again I call and I waited 29 min. This person came on the phone I asked and told him what had occurred and he stated that he would not leave the phone until he got a supervisor. Well he did connect me to a "HORRIBLE SUPERVISOR" A NIGHTMARE" I explained what has happen for the past 4 days and "HE REALLY DID NOT CARE ABOUT ANY THING I WAS SAYING. HE WAS ARROGANT, SARCHASTIC, ABNIOXIUS. VERY NON CHALANT. What is he doing in that department as a

I told him that It was their place to satisfy a new customer and all customers that have Verizon on their account and that I was sick and tired of all the excuses he was saying to me. He offered to go in to my computer with me and set my e-mail up. "LOL" What a Joke Ha, Ha ,Ha. I Stated "REALLY" I asked him "How did you get to be a Supervisor? because you are not listening to any thing I have stated to you. You really do not care what I am trying to explain to you. and "YOU" want me to help you set up my e-mail and my What?????? On My Time? I DON'T "THINK SO" when you know that the Technician (Installer) was suppose to do that. He did not even leave me any “Numbers” to contact anyone at Verizon for any departments.

What Happen To The Privacy Act - (with my e-mail )? **** R_U SEROIUS ****
**So Do You think He would compensate me or lower the bill for THEIR MISTAKES ,AND MY TIME AND GET ALL MY STUFF DONE INLUDING THE RIGHT PACKAGE? NO!!!. He also kept saying I cannot change the past. Really!!!! Well If Could or anyone alive could we all would be Millionaires or even Billionaires and change the past. What does the past have to do with my account Like Digital Voice Phone, All My Features, My Right Package , Like No Contract That I stated from the beginning. What Does apples have to do with Oranges? - You would not be working for Verizon if it was up to me I stated.

I told him do not talk to me like that, I am Very Educated. Do Not Insult My Intelligence. I told Him Thank You For Nothing And I Hung Up. I Then Call The Corporate Office in New York City. The Secretary of the CEO answered The phone and I stated to her what has happen and that I was a
New account and that I had spoken to a supervisor by the name of Terry in The Pittsburgh Pa. Office and he did not care to help me with the attitude and how badly he came across when I explained the problem. She was so Professional and listened to my situation. I was so grateful to know that someone was trying to help me with what had occurred with the installation, package,
and the phone features that did not work. `

She stated to me that she was going to take care of it. She stated for me to stay on the phone and that some one will speak to me shortly. That person said that the problem would be fixed by
Tomorrow. She took my phone numbers and stated that she would get in touch with me by the
afternoon. To all Future Account holders. I hope you never have to speak to this Character when you have a problem Hey! These numbers do work. ( From The Executive Offices.) So Thank you for the up on up. I believe if you believe you can fix the problem go for it. But in Reality If Customer Service or these Supervisors do not treat right. Get Their name and what office they are in and then Call the Corporate Office.

Call the CEO"S Office. Let's See How Tuff They Get with The CEO"S Office And all The Upper Management . "YOU KNOW IN LIFE” - IT DOES NOT COST ANYTHING TO BE NICE"

Now Let see what is going to happen, with all these problems and how they are going to take care of everything. From the Beginning to the end with all the mistakes that have occurred from the
"My Account" The Packages to the Prices of the Bundles that They Advertise along with a No Contract. What Compensation are they going to give me for all the time I have spent waiting and for all there mistakes that they did and I have had to put up with their Sales Department to their Nasty Supervisor in the Pittsburgh Office. I will keep you all Posted.

Thank you for letting me post and tell my story

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 5702EC

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Donaldtroxy - Verizon H8er ID: C57199

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