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10/05/12 | 21:18PM
No other way to explain it

First of all let me start by saying that I am an actual Survivor of rape. I go to an adult survivor group every other Monday and have gone threw the court process and I am not one to throw around the word rape and anyone who does in a casual manner will get an earful from me. So for me to compare my experience with Verizon to rape may be extreme but no other word sums it up as well.
I had a Verizon pay as you go phone and had to but a new card every other day. That got way to exspensive so I ditched it.
In Augustof 2011 I signed up with Verizon for a contract phone ( I actually needed a phone for a one way consent phone call on the guy that raped me Verizon was th only place in town that was open at the time + its really close to the police station) I got a basic data phone (I wanted an iPhone but that wasn't my main priority at that time) I only had the phone for one day basically just used it for the one way consent phone call. The phone was complete garbage. I got it for 99 cents for signing up and was told by the guy its brand new never been used, I still wanted the iPhone so I asked him about if I brought it back within a certain amount of time can I return/ exchange it for the price given to people who just sign up for a 2 year contract. He said only if I do it within the 1st 30 days.
I comeback the next day because the phone is driving me crazy. It doesn't work very well. Plus it was previously owned the only reason I know this is because the previous owners pictures, text messages and music was on there- just the numbers were erased. Funny thing is I went to school with the girl who previously owned it and in 1 of the texts to her husband she said she was going to return the phone because it sucked. Anyway I go in there same guy is working I told him I want to return that phone for a different phone for the opening priceI had enough for the iPhone at the time. He says I can't do that I have to buy a phone for full price. I was like no yesterday you said I could do that and then he started listing reasons why I couldn't. So I asked about canceling he said $175 for early cancelation. I was pissed and I didn't have enough for the iPhone so I wound up leaving with a palm pre; I liked it very good phone but not what I came in for.
I also work at kohls and was told I can get a 20% associate discount of my entire phone bill from the guy when I asked about discounts so, I come in the day I got the palm pre to give the the correct paperwork so I could get my discount the guy said it could take up to 3 months for processing but I would be credited for the 3 months I didn't have my discount, it seemed legit.
About 4 months later I got fed up of waiting and called customer service they said there wasn't anything for a discount linked to my account I was like I gave it to the guy I saw him scan it in after waiting on the phone for 20 minutes the lady finally got back to me and said that the reason they couldn't find it was because the guy entered in the wrong information. I was mad but they fixed it. I only got credited for 1 month not the full 4 months. I also found out that they only took off 20% from there calling plan. I had text + data which was an add on. I got $6 off my bill with the discount uposed to the almost $20 off I was promised off.
A few months later because it was so expensive I had to drop the data lower my calling alowance and dropped to a cheaper texting plan. I still got charged with data because of the phone I had ( even though I didn't use any data) and I was garaged with going over on texting which I did do. I called them and they said if I get a different phone and bump up the texting alowance they will drop my data charge- it was a good deal I took it. So the next day I went in to activate my brothers old phone that was data free they wouldn't let me I had to get one of their phones. I was like whatever it was an original Motorola razor I used to have one and I liked it so I didn't mind this one was slow and froze up all the time and like before it hadnt been cleared of anything. I had issues with it not working and called customer service they did something over the phone that fixed it pretty cool, But whatever it's a cheaper bill. Well a few weeks later the phone slips out of my hoodie pocket right into the toilet. I think it's a sign from god no more phones for you. So I go to the store and tell them I want to cancel the phone. The guy tries to convince me to stay get a diffrent phone maybe add a line or insurance I said no. He says $272 I was like what?!?!?!?! It was $175 a few months ago he said it was because I was on the data package when I signed it would be $300 before 6 months then $10 off every month after. Again everywhere I looked and asked and got confirmed by Verizon it was $175 and then $5 off every additional month after the first 6 months. I was mad paid my bill and left *by the way I was charged $3 every time I paid in cash, which is the only way I could at the time I didn't want a checking account, debit card, or credit card. most places give you a discount for paying in cash*
So the following week I go to the bank take out $300 just incase and go straight to the Verizon store right when they open. I am waiting over 35+ minutes for the guy to get there to open the store. I got there right on the dot for when the store opened. ( this has happened on 3 separate occasions)
I go in there and tell him I want to cancel my account I hand him my $300 and he says I have to do that online because once he deactivates my account I am no longer a customer with Verizon so he cannot take the money. I was like fine whatever. I go to the store to get a prepaid debit card then try to login to my account online to pay it. But because it was deactivated I couldn't do it.
Now almost 6 months after I canceled my account Verizon people have been calling my house a couple of times a day. I even told them I will not pay my bill. I told them about attempting to pay it on 2 separate occasions right away but couldn't. I told them about all of the problems from day 1 how when I talked to the customer service people they told me one thing, when I spoke to there managers I got another, the employees in the store, and the manager of the store all different things. But the one thing that stayed consistent was I was constantly being screwed by Verizon they all stayed on the same page for that. I refuse to pay my bill for the simple fact that they do not deserve the money that and I'm on maternity leave and I don't make much at kohls so all of my money has gone straight to baby I'm broke, they should have taken it when they had the chance. I will never being going back to Verizon ( which is why they want me to pay so I can keep a spotless record ; I paid in full on time every month) Also every time I came to the store even if there was more than one Employee there only one would help one was always sitting in a chair watching tv and the other one would usually be in the back room doing god knows what ( When I came in one time I heard a guy snort really loud like he was doing a line, then come out after the guy who was usually sitting in the chair watching tv went to the back really fast as if to tell him someone was here the usually lazy guy was trying to be overly helpful as if to distract me. The other guy came out sniffeli g his nose a lot and touching his nose a lot like in a paranoid way) I reported all of this stuff numerous times to Verizon and nothing was done.

Sarah T - Verizon H8er ID: A7D18C

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