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10/11/12 | 21:11PM
Verizon loves to rip you off

I bought a BRAND NEW Galaxy s3 just under a month ago, and despite the fact that it is having problems and they promised to send me a "new" one, I was unpleasantly surprised to see I had received a garbage, refurbished, second-hand phone. I paid $300 dollars of good money for a NEW phone, STILL under warranty, with ADDITIONAL warranty coverage, and all they will give to me is this crappy previously owned phone. If I had wanted a refurbished phone, I could have paid a fraction of the price from the get go. Now I am stuck either using someones previously broken phone or sticking with my month old phone that doesn't function properly. I want a NEW phone, it's not my fault that the original one I was given doesn't work!!!

Fuck you, Verizon. You really just love nothing more than to make your customers jump through hoops only for you to disappoint.

Kerry - Verizon H8er ID: 89DC8B

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