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10/16/12 | 7:30AM

Unless that is to tell you that they are charging you fees that were previously guaranteed not to happen. OK so I've been a customer with Verizon Wireless for 6+ years and just decided to upgrade my dumb phones to smart phones. I pre-ordered the new iPhone 5's Sept. 17 and was given a ship date of Oct. 5 & Oct. 12. I received the first shipment on the 5th and the second shipment surprised me two days early on the 10th. I received 4 iPhone 5's all together. One week previous to the first ship date, the party we were sharing these lines thought they might get a better deal going through someone else, I laughed and said good luck... this was the weekend of Sept. 28. So back to receiving the second shipment, I promptly put the 2 iPhone's back in their box with the return shipping label they provide just for this specific reason and drove to the closest Fedex office the day of Wed. Oct. 10, thinking that it should only take two, maybe three days to deliver... well here today, Mon. Oct. 15 the tracking numbers given to me tell me they have only gone 30 (thirty) miles away, on the same day and are being held per Verizon for 7-10 business days. Now I was made aware of many things by many people about Verizon's policies and fee's to avoid and even how to avoid them, but it seems for some reason Verizon wants to charge me two $350 early termination fees on the lines I am getting rid of ($700 total) because they say my contract started from when I placed my pre-order for my iPhone 5's back on Sept. 17, not from when I receive my equipment. The first shipment I received (Oct. 5) had one iPhone 5 which I was returning, so I have 14 days to decide from that point whether or not I like the device/service. So by my logical calculations, I have until Oct. 19 to get the phones back to them before I go over my 14 days, and if they put a 7-14 day hold on the package at Fedex (btw... wtf is that???) that could be Oct. 24 or later... and I can't cancel the lines yet, which is what I need to do within the 14 days, because they haven't received the product back yet. I have had it, but now I'm afraid to do anything else, because I can't send my other two phone back now and get charged another $700 (1400 total) and have nothing to show for it. I am probably locked in for 2 more year with these scandalous, cheating, deceitful, lying bastards.

CanYouBelieveThis? - Verizon H8er ID: B94D6F

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03/09/19 | 19:16PM
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taniaws2 - Verizon H8er ID: 4C26AF

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