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10/16/12 | 19:18PM
Horrors of Verizon Cutomer Service for Analog Phone Line for House Arrest.

I am going on house arrest and it required an Analog phone line or I go to JAIL if it is not installed by the date house arrest starts. I called them the day I found out I was getting on house arrest, 3 WEEKS AGO to get this line installed. They sent a representative out A WEEK LATER. I go on house arrest tomorrow, but it looks like im going to JAIL for a minor offence because Verizon has yet to properly install my Analog line! So they send the first service man out and he installs a phone line, when he finishes he says OH WAIT THIS IS DIGITAL, NOT ANALOG. He knew it was supposed to be Analog and his boss who I talked to on the phone Promised Analog and made sure to note the importance of it! He left and then the phone fights with Verizon reps started. I called them and they would direct me to another Representative and finally one of them said the Phone is actually Analog! Even though the installer said it was digital and they would send another service man out in 2 days. So another repsentative tells me if I cannot make long distance calls from the phone that means its Analog. I try it and I cannot make long distance calls so I thought everything was OK. 1 Day before I go on house arrset they call and say they have deactivated the phone and are reativating it to be Analog. They also claimed it would not work till the next morning and if it didnt work they would send a service man out. Well it doesnt work! I called them and they actually did send a service man out, but he left within 10 minutes! He still has not come back and I go on house arrest tomorrow! I am literally screwed and am most likely going to jail. I read federal law says they must provide an Analog line if requested and they are doing everything possible to lie and avoid me. I tried calling back all the representatives and none of them will answer or respond to my messages! I cannot believe this is happening! VERIZON HAS THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER. 3 WEEKS FOR A PHONE LINE THAT IS NEEDED URGENTLY?!! On a side not they also charged my deceased grand parents for a Boat phone they had since 1966 up until 2007! It was over $100 a month. Screw verizon! They are ruining my life literally by not installing the phone after I paid good money for a lawer to get house arrest over going to prison! PS. Dont drink and drive.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 916889

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10/17/12 | 15:44PM
Between the bureaucracy, contractors and union one single job can take a month at Verizon. First the internal pressure for completed jobs or metrics gives incentive to both employee and management to close or classify a job as completed. Then with all the different departments/bureacracy, union-management rules and use of third party non associated contractors one job can & will get lost in the shuffle.

Get all the information you can including ticket or service order numbers, promised by dates, contracts etc and ask to speak to a supervisor, give them the facts, don't include the impending house arrest just yet. See what they say and do.

If no results I'd inform someone in the court system or a lawyer of your problems with Verizon and see if that will buy you time or they'll back you if Verizon contacts to see if the order needs expediated or accelerated.

I would also inform the local utility regulators and FCC/federal communications commission about your problems getting a basic voice line installed with Verizon. Stay with the relevant facts about the service delays and not your predictament unless the courts get involved in the delays(example the courts or lawyer might provide Verizon with a court order or copy). I'd also inform the local Better Business Bureau since Verizon didn't deliver what they promised-service.

Good Luck

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: B8EF76

03/01/19 | 8:37AM

Arkadiyhaw - Verizon H8er ID: EB9D22

04/03/19 | 22:01PM
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Dennisjaind - Verizon H8er ID: 82EDA9

04/15/19 | 21:07PM
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KennethNax - Verizon H8er ID: 3303DF

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