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10/07/06 | 23:55PM
Hmmmmm Well

I'd like to start by stating. Some people know how to address an issue without childish insults or being ignorant. for what seems like a well spoken individual you seem to like to decide who can think what. I don't work for Verizon. Never been a salesman. I have just never had a problem with Verizon. Therefore I am happy with them. You got scammed or whatever. That's your story. I have stories like that with other providers. Anyways. I've noticed that all the huge companies in America love to rip off our citizens. Usually adding small extra charges etc to make extra millions. Seems like its the new American way. We need to learn to see these scams and avoid them. Its not fair for large companies to rip off the average consumer. Unfortunately we have no choice. We have to keep our consumer eyes peeled. And live like schizophrenics. I haven't been ripped off by a large company in a few years. I Guess my turn will be coming around again soon. I had to learn in life to read the fine print. or don't agree to anything. Makes me feel kind of like a robot. When I make mistakes in life. I start with... where did I let my guard down to let this happen, so I can try to avoid it again. One company ripped me off once it was the sales girl. Pretty little thing was apparently ripping everyone off. My fault for letting a pretty girl pull the wool over my eyes. It will never happen again. Fought and got my money back. I don't blame the company it was the sales girl. She got canned and charged and I got my cash and so did the other people who fought. some people just cried and threw temper tantrums and still are doing the same. lost their money got no satisfaction of knowing the girl got charged. These people are the crybabies we speak of. The spoilt children of the world who never had to be resourceful and expect that screaming and yelling, being ignorant, and calling names, will get what they want. But hey there are different people all over. Say whatever you want its your opinion. I love Verizon. For now. They probably will never rip me off. Because I wont put myself in a position to be ripped off, hopefully. I like this site because I can learn from others mistakes. I know to never order anything from Verizon on the phone. Also never get Verizon wireless. Thanks to all the folks who post and help us learn ways people get screwed by Verizon. The crybabies of the world will always keep crying. Maybe they can learn in time to be organized and resourceful. That might get them the resolution they want. just posting Silly comments on a site isn't enough. I also found it nice to see that some Verizon employees do care enough to try and make a difference. Keep up the good work to those who do. I know I have spoken with a few of you. In time hopefully all Verizon employees will be like you. Probably not though. Remember, the comments on this sight are as ignorant as the person who is posting them. Think of where the comments are coming from. For the person who runs this sight. the name is pathetic. The thought that you take money for T shirts (making money off the victims) sounds like exploitation to me. Sounds almost like a large company who rips off the average consumer. Well I am done. Bring on the onslaught of vulgar language and bad english.

- Verizon H8er ID: 4ABB06

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