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04/11/07 | 0:21AM
Brutally Raped by Verizon

Good Evening,

My name is Kevin and I live in Charlotte, NC. I have been a verizon customer for three years. October of 2006, I got two new phones from verizon. When I activated the new phones the customer service person changed my calling plan from 2100 minutes (Family Plan) to 700 minutes with out my permission.

From October 2006 to February 2007 they over charged me $420.96 because I was over my minutes. After calling them 17 times during the last week of February I finally reach a customer service rep that had a brain. Wanda from the SC call center gave me a credit of 420.96 + taxes and all other fees that resulted from the over charges. Thank you Wanda!

My current problem is this. Wanda said she could not credit the March invoice because it had not closed yet. It makes sense. She could not apply credits until all the overage charges were totaled at the end of the billing cycle. Go Wanda! Why she works for verizon, go figure. She told me to call the 800 number in March and have the overages credited back.

Well, everyone I have talked with since does not have a brain. No one from the Customer (No) Service rep to the Team Manager or Shift Manager has a brain. I have been routed back and forth between the Las Vegas, NV call center and the Columbia, SC call center. They will not credit back the overage charges for the March bill which is, get this $275.00 the April invoice is $179.00. For the first time ever they charged me $50.00 worth of international calls on the April invoice! What is that? I will fight that battle later.

Any how back to this BS. On February 16, I paid $302.00 to verizon for the January and February invoices. I was given a credited of $420.96 on Febuary 20th. Two months later I owe verizion $34.00!!!!!!

November 20th invoice = over charge 77.34 difference of calling plans
$37.34 credit

December 20th invoice = over charge 130.58 difference of calling plans
$90.58 credit

January 20th invoice = over charge 173.64 difference of calling plans
$133.64 credit

February 20th invoice = No over $159.40 Reconnect charge
$159.40 credit regular plan charge already applied. The difference of the two planes does not need to be subtracted. Over charge is same as credit.

Total credits
Additional tax credits will be added later per Wanda and they were.

March 20th invoice = $275.00 over charge $155.00 (not applied)
April invoice reported from verizion = $179.00 international calls $50.00?

Current Balance

I should have a $300.00 negative balance.

I would leave them but I would have to pay 400.00 to disconnect both phones.



- Verizon H8er ID: 4F7966

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