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10/23/12 | 3:10AM
bogus charges

Mandy K. Mooney
Kevin R. Mooney

October 22, 2012

Mr. William B. Petersen
Vice President-General Counsel and Secretary

Dear Mr. Petersen,
On August 30th, 2012, we made three changes to our family plan. 1. We changed our shared minutes from 1400 to 700, 2. We added the unlimited texting plan to all three lines and 3. We unblocked our daughter’s texting feature since we were adding the unlimited texting to our plan.

On September 28th, we were astonished to see that there were $600+ worth of texting charges on our account. When we made the three changes mentioned above, only one change went through, that of unblocking the texting feature on our daughter’s phone. Since all three changes were made at the same time and during the same log-in to myverizon.com, we told our daughter she could now text all she wanted. Since the texting was blocked on her phone previously, and since we added the new texting coverage plan at the same very time that we unblocked her texting, we rightly understood that if the texting now worked so would the unlimited texting feature. What parent would give their teenager free reign to text without a plan to cover it? Not these parents.

When these charges were realized my wife spoke to customer service and was promised that a supervisor would return her call within five minutes. Thirty minutes later she called back and was promised a second time that a supervisor would return her call. This promise was also broken. Eventually a supervisor offered to take $100.00 off the $600.00 of bogus charges. My wife refused this offer.

Eventually my wife was able to speak to a helpful customer representative named Phalen. The first thing Phalen did was make the appropriate changes on our account in order that no further charges would take place. While on the phone with Phalen, Phalen described a much different plan than the one my wife was seeing while logged into our account. Phalen stated that the plan my wife, Mandy, was describing was no longer offered.

After a while Phalen logged into our account on his computer and was able to see the very plan Mandy was describing to him. Phalen said this was a mistake because the plan we have and the one he could see once logged into our account is a plan that is no longer offered. Phalen said that he would put in a work order to have this glitch fixed and he assured Mandy that these texting charges would be refunded. Phalen also promised a supervisor would call by Monday, October 1st. This call was not made.

On October 12, I (Kevin Mooney) called customer service and was connected with a supervisor. After much discussion I put my wife, Mandy, on the phone with the supervisor because she had the most contact with customer service. This supervisor told Mandy that the charges are our fault because we should have obtained a confirmation # when we made the changes to the account. These changes were made by the click of a mouse (again seems odd that one out of three changes went through and that very one change hurts us and helps Verizon!) and there was no confirmation # offered at the time. After much discussion this supervisor finally said he would give us a “goodwill credit of half the charges, totaling $329.47. My wife allowed this “goodwill credit” but maintained that we are disputing these charges.

I am appealing to you, Mr. William B. Petersen, to make this right. If I had accidentally received a product from Verizon I would either pay for that product or return the product. In this case, we want to pay the “unlimited texting fee” as we had signed up for. Unfortunately, this glitch, or whatever happened, has caused enormous charges that are easily absorbed by the $30 per month unlimited texting fee (again the one we signed up for at the very same time that we unblocked the texting feature on our daughter’s phone.) It is unconscionable that this issue has not been taken care of by numerous other customer service professionals. But, here we are.

I am requesting that this letter be answered within 10 business days of receipt of this letter.

Thank you for your time,

Kevin R. Mooney

Mandy K. Mooney

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 40D065

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10/25/12 | 1:59AM
Kevin R. Mooney,
I have an update: I called verizon once again and found someone who found my story believable after hearing the whole story. The full amount of bogus charges was credited to our account, thus we are not responsible for the bogus charges. I still feel the charges and how they happened is a concerted effort of corporate greed and theft. I don't think it was an accident.
However, some hope and trust was restored, there is at least one helpful and considerate customer service rep at Verizon wireless.
Also, today, the day after these bogus charges were taken care of someone from a higher up office called me to follow up on the emails and "dispute" I had submitted. I don't know if this guy would have credited the account or not, but did give me a call back. Case closed. I feel better about it.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 40D065

03/08/19 | 6:54AM


Williamclato - Verizon H8er ID: A74D8C

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