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04/13/07 | 0:35AM
I think Verizon disables the phone

I have an LG 4400 phone and have been a Verizon customer for about 4 years. My bills have constantly been about $45.00 / month since I hardly ever use additional service. In January I traveled to Florida and forwarded my home phone to the cell phone while I was away. It was very convenient and I got calls from neighbors who didnt realize I had gone away for a few weeks. The downsode was that I got a bill for over $200.00 when I returned, since I went over my 400 minutes by a bit. At $.45 a minute it really adds up fast. Then mysteriously, the inner screen of nmy phone stopped workig. I could get and make calls, but I could not see call history or my phone book etc. The phone was quite limited at that point. I went to a couple of Verizon outlets to look into buying a new phone and told them that I would be moving to Florida soon and they advised me to not buy a new phone until I moved. Mysteriousley, the phone began working a few days later for the next couple of months, like nothing ever happened.

In March, I went out of state again and accrued a high phone bill again- although I dont know how this happened since I didnt forward the home phone this time. The bill now is $179.oo. The phone stopped working again as soon as I recieved the text message from Verizon that I had a new bill.

Bottom line- I think Verizon has disabled the phone.

I have never been late with a bill and the proof will be if the phone begins to work again when I pay the current bill.

I might also add that I have been without a contract after the initial first two years- I never renewed. I think the disabling of my phone is a deliberate attempt to force me to renew the contract. Of course when I go in they will tellme that my phone is bad and it needs to be replaced.

There was no physical "event" before the phone stopped, and none before it started working again.

I would like to hear from others about similar experiences


- Verizon H8er ID: B8E20C

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