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02/28/06 | 1:53AM
My Verizon story:

I am so happy to have found this site, it may allow me to vent enough to keep from snapping on the next Verizon rep I have to talk to. My main problem has been with Verizon Wireless, though I am not real happy with ANY of my Verizon service. I am forced to use them all though (long distance, wireless and DSL) because they are the only comany here. I first got my phone about 2 and a half years ago. Why am I still with them? Because their records say my contract doesn't end until Sept (despite the fact that it should have been Feb) and if I cancel I have to pay a late charge. So I am trying to hang in there! I first bought the phone because I work late at night an hour from home, and was afraid of breaking down, accidents, etc. I also travel out of state a lot. I told the rep I wanted a simple phone, just to make calls in case of emeragency. I also explained to him where I needed the coverge for (in detail). He showed me a brightly colored map of where my covereage would be, explaining that northern Maine DOES show up as roaming, but that it wouldn't be charged as such to my account if I got such-and-such a plan. Fine, got the plan, got the phone he suggested. Then I began to drop calls, have trouble getting through, etc. Most of my trip home the phone was useless because it wouldn't connect. Called customer service and the gist of the conversation was this: "You have a good phone, no reason it shouldn't be connecting, no clue why its not. No you cannot cancel your contrac without incurring huge fines. Two weeks return policy? No no, we don't have a 2 week return policy. our stuck." Fine, I delt with it. Time passes, more and more trouble with the phone. Charges incurring because even when the phone doesn't connect, Verizon counts all the time I spent TRYING to connect as time I am on the phone. Late fees occuring because I pay my bills online and their web page is always down. Cannot change companies because Verizon reports me as being hugely in debt and late all the time (this has happened twice and I paid in full as soon as I could get to my bill online) and other companies will not have anything to do with me. Finally, someone at Radio Shack (bless them) solves the confusing. While they DID sell me a plan to cover all of New England, the phone they sold me covers nothing in NE! Especially in Maine where I am from! I consider this TOTALLY dishonest since I told them where I needed coverage and they promised me this phone would meet my needs. Nor did they show me the phone chart (which Radio Shack did) which shows my TRUE coverage area. It sucks, let me tell you. I call and complain, get rude responses and the blow off. I tell them that I consider this a breach of contract on their part, they tell me tough, you are stuck until your contract is up. Which is also when they told me I had to wait and extra 6 months btw. Phone keeps getting worse, I take it in for repair. "Oops, gee, its not even connecting to the main system, we'll have to swap it out. That'll costs you! What, you bought the insurance? Huh...no record of that. Hmm, you still have the paperwork to prove it? Ohh! THERE it is! I was looking in the wrong section of the computer. K, come back in 5 hours." Came back, got my new phone. Intersting sude note here. The rep I picked up the phone from was from out of state, and mentioned in passing that one of the reasons my coverage was so bad was that Verizon told me my coverage based on 3 new towers they were GOING to put up 2 years before. They never put them up, because they decided that "Maine didn't have enough people to make it worth it." I checked the stats based on this, and discovered that Verizon does NOT have the best coverage in Maine without these towers, they have the third or forth best, so they are miss advertising big time. After picking up my new phone, my battery begins to die VERY quickly. Like I mean 2 minutes tops. So take it back AGAIN. They tell me its not their problem, until I tell them it didn't happen until they swapped it out. They hold my phone for a DAY, only to tell me "ya the battery isn't holding a charge." Well no kidding, that's why I brought it in. So they offer to swap the phone out AGAIN, come back in a half hour. I waited instead during which time I watched a weeping woman who was supposed to be at the hosoital with her dying uncle try totalk to the rep. It appears she had returned her phones within the set time she was allowed, had been promised a credit on her account, and was instead given a CHARGE. So she was out $615 and 2 phones. The rep told her she was lucky because they should have charged her an extra 300.00 for the early termination. Some luck huh? So they give me my phone back, and I discover that they have swapped out the PHONE, but still given me the same battery! Apparently insurance doesn't cover faulty batteries (I have checked everywhere in my paperwork and canot find anything that says that btw). I call Verizon again, and they tell me "well, you qualify for 100.00 off a new phone, maybe that will help." Cool, I can deal with that. So she begins to ask questions and read info. I stop her, and ask her why she needs all this. She hems and haws and finally mntions that in buying a new phone, my contract is automatically rolled over. Nice of them to mention this huh? So I cannot even buy a new phone to get service without being stuck for another two years. I politly explain to her that they could not pay ME to get me to stay with them another two years, and hang up. Keep in mind that all of this is just me. This doesn't even begin to describe the problems my brother, parents, friends, co-worers etc. have had with Verizon, and they ALL have. Another customer with them once said "Its like signing a contract with the Devil." My response? No, the devil may find loopholes, but overall he sticks to his contracts, Verizon doesn't. Sorry this is so long, but it has been a long a painful process. I can't wait until my contract is up. If I cannot get another company to take we? Well, I don't need a cell phone that bad I guess I survived years without one before, I will do it again. Txh for listening

- Verizon H8er ID: 97B01E

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05/17/19 | 12:49PM
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Williamslord - Verizon H8er ID: 49B59D

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