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10/26/12 | 14:22PM
VZ News from Florida... yet another lawsuit.

Tampa Electric Co. and Verizon are locked in a $4.2 million legal dispute over payments for renting space for wires on thousands of utility poles across the region.

Tampa Electric filed suit in circuit court earlier this month, claiming Verizon had breached a deal from Feb. 17, 1961, that let each company use space on each other's utility poles in the interest of limiting the total number of poles in the area.

According to the lawsuit, neither party pays rent to the other so long as each company owns an equal number of poles — currently about 165,000 poles within a specified area.

If either company owns more jointly used poles than the other, the company with fewer poles must pay rent to the company with more poles on a per-pole basis, the suit claims.

Rents started at $3.75 per pole, per year in 1961 dollars. But the amount has been periodically adjusted, including a bump to $32.50 per pole in 2004, according to the suit.

The companies failed to finish a recent contract renewal, the suit says, and Tampa Electric now claims Verizon reneged on the deal.

Tampa Electric is seeking $4.2 million.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: EAD3C5

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10/26/12 | 15:46PM
This is exactly why a utility like Verizon needs to be regulated. It's all these rights of way and poles out in public that should be benefiting the public with quality service and minimal rates/fees. In 1961 they were a government sanction monopoly/utility. Now they are a for profit company in a regulated business. NO SLACK. I hope Tampa Electric sues them into the ground.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 6B2962

04/10/19 | 23:53PM

Grekovskii - Verizon H8er ID: 476353

05/09/19 | 23:54PM
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