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10/28/12 | 11:45AM
Same Thing

I too have been having problems. What I realize about Verizon is their bills continually increase. Within 6 months of starting any service (home or wireless) your bill increases 25 to 30 dollars more.

I had my phone service transferred to a new residence, and I paid my final bill. A few months later I received the money back. Then, a month later I got a call from a collection agency. I was irrate. Verizon's justification was that there was a different account number for my final bill. It would have been nice if they made a single attempt to contact me first before reporting it to a collection agency. The bill was only 25 dollars. I reported it to the BBB and they contacted Verizon to resolve the issue. It was just wrong that they never notified me or made any attempt to collect the funds first, before they sent it to a collection agency. A monopoly that big shouldn't be that desperate for money, but then again- being that big is why they lost touch of decent customer service and the ability to treat people like human beings.

I have more horror stories about how they refused to send me hardcopy bills (telling me I was set up for paperless, even though everytime I went into their website I was asked to set up paperless billing).... and now my service is shutting off for no reason and they say it will take 3 days to turn back on. When you strip away the basic necessities that people need to survive, such as the phone, utilities, and mail, I feel the Federal Government should get involved. It seems that commercial companies just can't be relied on.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 0C3F7D

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04/05/19 | 0:07AM
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- \"Tranquilidade\".

EstelleUphob - Verizon H8er ID: 5D7C92

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