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05/06/07 | 0:13AM
My Verizon Horror story

I saw the xv6700 PDA and I was amazed by all that it could do. I decided to purchase one on the internet.....sure enough, it was the phone of my dreams. The wireless, bluetooth, microsoft mobile office, etc.

Prior to that, I had (and loved) my LG vx9800. Since I didn't have a phone line, I used the phone as my modem for the internet as well as my mobile house phone.

After upgrading my phone, I used the xv6700 to get on to the internet...no problem. One day, I receive a text message saying that my phone bill was $3,815. Long story short, I learned that with PDA's, anything that uses any sort of data will charge the user per kilobyte...for me, this meant all of the tons of text messages I sent and received as well as all 250,000kb I used from having my phone act as a modem would be charged to my account.

When I first got my phone activated, I told them I would use it as a modem just like I did my LGvx9800. No one mentioned anything about any data charges or anything. If I would've known, I would've either gotten the data plan, or just got a phone line in my house and reactivated my old phone. When I explained it to the reps, they pretty much told me sorry and that there was nothing they could do. I talked to 5 supervisors from different call centers (some which gave me bogus information and 1 that really tried to help). Some of them treated me as if I were lying to get out of the bill. I couldn't believe that a company that I had been with since they first existed would treat one of their own veteran customers this way.

At this point, I'm considering not paying that bill, letting it ruin my credit, and just going with another service because it definitely would not be worth it to pay almost 4,000 for a 1 month cell phone bill. That kinda money would have celebrity's raising their eyebrows.
I will keep trying to fight them on it. I'm even considering getting a lawyer and fighting them in court. I've got nothing else to lose.

- Verizon H8er ID: CA46EB

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12/30/10 | 0:22AM
always READ every word in the contract. Do not enter into a contract on the phone.. EVER.

store liar: "I'll summarize it for you"

customer: "oh, will you draw up a new contract containing only what you have stated and not require me to sign the multipage, tiny printed letter document"

store liar: "no you still have to sign that."

The store liar can tell you your phone makes waffles. When it doesn't you'll need to provide the signed contract that states how- and when the phone makes waffles. Getting the picture.

Be sure you can touch the contract. Read the contract. Then if and only if you both understand- and intend to comply ought you sign the contract.

apologies for your expensive lesson in contracting services.

Verizon fios over moca RAPES SIP and RTP - Verizon H8er ID: A01C4B

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