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05/14/07 | 23:05PM
Get a name/number when contact is made.....

It is extremely important that upon establishing contact with one of the CSR's, that you get their name and number. Why?
Because, in my case, I spent over 1.5 hours with a csr working thru accounts payable hell, then the line went dead. Funny heh? Not really. Everything went to hell in a hand-basket and I had to go back to square 1. In other words, start all over with another csr and re-compose the whole thing. Well, not so fast.
I couldn't "find" the csr I had just spoke to because no one would even try and reconnect me to that personi had just spent a lot of time with. I know full well that they keep some sort of notes regarding each and every conversation, so so much for that.
So,nothing got done. It's in collection hell because I had had enough and wasn't going to take it anymore.
The verizon organization should take a long hard look at how they really treat their customers regarding their accounts. But sadly enough, they really don't care a rats ass about your problem.
I'm on the 4th collection agency (Omnium) and they are pretty careless at the fair credit reporting act standards. I doubt they even presented the offer I made to Verizon in an offer to settle. I was just told minutes ago from a representative that the letter was "insignificant." Oh really?
I guess i will still make an effort in trying to settle with this fair offer to settle our differences but they seem steadfast on collecting all or nothing when something goes to collections. I guess they need all the money they can get to put out fires!
Fair warning...you will have a problem at one time or another with this organization.

- Verizon H8er ID: B59104

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