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06/09/07 | 10:43AM
Underground Cable

I live in a rural area that has underground cable that has been buried well over 40 years ago. The insulation on the cable is rotting away, so naturally there tends to be noise on the line. I must call 2-3 times a year about his problem, so they put new wire at their boxes so that the tech can make new connections to help eliminate the noise. The person who put the new cable in left it exposed right in front of the box, (whatever happened to Home Land Security)Duhh. The county came by with their mower and shredded the cable to smithereens. It took them over 24 hrs. to fix it, and it's still exposed but it's behind the box this time. I'm just waiting for it to happen again and it will.

- Verizon H8er ID: DF828A

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