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06/16/07 | 22:15PM
so fed up with Verizon

So I've had Verizon for years and years. Never been happy with the customer service but they kept finding ways to trick me and my family into renewing our contract so we've been stuck with them for awhile.
Finally we decided okay. That's it we are not doing aything to get this contract renewed because we want to get rid of Verizon for good.
So time passed and we of course had various technical issues and had to put up with the pathetic excuse for customer service that verizon is.
A few months ago my Dad and I went ot a verizon store to find out when the contracts ended and if they were going to do anything amazing to try and convince us to stay with them.
So we walked into the store and were greeted by a employee who asked us if we needed any help. We said yes and the employee directed us to a computer screen to input info and then dissapeared. Yes, a human greeted us to direct us to a computer instead of you know actually helping us. Pretty freaking rude.
So we walked over ot a window that said customer service above it. We were informed that apparentlly this was not actually a customer service desk and that the sign was lieing to us. Either that or the people at the desk were lieing. After much effort we got them to tell us the dates that the contracts on our family plan ended on. When asked why we should stay with them they didnt have much of an nswer at all and it was obvious that that didn't care about keeping our business.
The date where they said my contract would end was 6/11/07
So I shopped around at diffrent wireless providers and decided on cingular. I them waited until past 6/11/07
You might notice that todays date is 6/16/07. Yet I am still stuck with Verizon right now.
My phone has been not working right for awhile. And lately it's gotten worse to the point where it is barly usable.
Today I planned to make the switch to Cingular.
I went to the mall picked everything out. The sales guy at Cingular said that I needed my account number from Verizon to get my number transfered to the new plan.
So off I went to the Verizon store.
It turned out that the idiot who had given me info before had given me the wrong date. My plan dosn't end until 7-11-07. I have a month left on it. So here I am with a broken phone. 1 month left of my Verizon plan. And there is no way in hell I am getting stuck with them for another 2 years. They said things that might fix the phone like a new charger or battery. The thing is they don't even know. And these things cost almost as much as a new phone on the new plan. They refused to let us pay them the money for the remaining month (9.99) to end the plan early. The only way to end it early is to pay $170. Even though only one month is left and they would only be getting $9.99 more out of me keeping me on the plan. Basically we said that we would pay them as if they were providing us a month worth of service but not actually require them to give us the service Which is a crazy offer to refuse because they are making pure profit off of that. But they are greedy and will accept nothing less than $170 for a cancelation fee.
And I know you're saying why dont I just deal with having a diffrent number for a month. But that's realyl not an option. I have way too many people who are calling me with important phone calls right now and it's not reasonable for me to be contacting them and giving a new number to call.
While I was in the store 3 other customers in seperate incidents had angry conversations with employees where voices were raised. And the peopel in the store are obvious to the idea that having lots of angry customers in their store is not the way to run a business. I talked to a bunch of other customers in there while I was being ignored by Verizon, not one of them was happy with the service being provided there.
And you might be thinking that I should be less harsh and feel more pity for the employes for being put in a losy situation by the big evil company. But you know, they can be put in the bad situatino but there are diffrent ways to handle it.
The greeter in the store was rude to every customer I saw him speak to. One man was upset, understandably, about being directed to a computer instead of a human and the greeter proceeded to speak to the man as if he was a kindergarded teacher speaking to a misbehaving student. He had this horrible condecending attitude where he seemed to be enjoying the pathetic power that he had in being the store greeter and his ability to tell people they were wrong.
So basically I hate Verizon and am stuck with them for 3 more weeks. Even though they told me a diffrent date before and that ate has already passed.3 weeks where my phone doesnt really work much at all.

- Verizon H8er ID: 822DDF

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07/31/08 | 6:04AM
get over it

- Verizon H8er ID: EDEF4E

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