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06/19/07 | 5:47AM
Inside Information

What follows is inside information; one of the many reasons why Verizon tech support phone agents may seem callous, hasty, or abrasive. You see, we have our own internal Gestapo in each call center. The call centers for Verizon resemble a typical Fascist government model. Basically, an alpha-type male psychopath stands at a podium at some strategic site in the call center, keeping track of all of the agents' call times. If an agent and his call time appears on Alpha-type Male's computer radar screen, which is typically 12 to 15 minutes, one of his aisle wandering thugs is sent over to stand behind the agent and intimidate him until he gets off the phone. His cronies do not care who you are or what your problem is; I can tell you many times I have been verbally and emotionally abused by these men for trying to advocate customers. Please understand, I try to do everything I can for you, and I pay for it dearly. I want you all to understand that I am a consumer as well and I do care, even though my employer does not. Additionally, if Verizon call centers were psychiatric patients, I would recommend that they be committed to an asylum for the criminally insane. What you see on the outside is indeed a reflection of internal workings on the inside.

- Verizon H8er ID: 940520

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