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06/26/07 | 17:37PM
45 minutes on Verizon cell regarding my old dry loop bill

This is not the first time I have had trouble. It started way back in January 07. We moved and called for DSL. It was an old house we were renting. Then a friend told us we should have just asked for "dry loop". He was offered dry loop when he called for a dsl line, we werent and we called before he did. Anyway, we called back, asked for dry loop...they said they would be out to convert us. This was after 3 calls and 3 visits from the local Verizon guy trying to figure out why the dry loop wouldnt work. Turns out the old house had a alarm system in it that was interfering. Fast forward to now, June 07...we are back in our house from before we moved (dont ask, the company lied made promises, didnt deliver, and was bought out). I keep getting bills for 71.95 from verizon. Today I was put on hold 5 times, cut off twice, told outright that she couldnt help me once, sent to a number that gave me a busy signal and transferred back and forth between dsl and land line departments. Finally a guy named Nesbit came on the line and I told him how exasperated I was...I told him I think Verizon changed the account numbers on me since I was trans from dsl to dry loop back in March. I figured out myself that the money I sent online to the account was debited against the OLD acct number the dsl b4 conversion. After about another half hour he came back on to tell me that YES it went to wrong account. They will be sending me a check for 71.95 and then I have to deposit it, and send them a check referencing the OTHER account # since there was no way for him to do this. I like their connections, HATE THEIR CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!

- Verizon H8er ID: 5B0645

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