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07/05/07 | 12:00PM
Quotas equal production equals PROFITS

Several years back during the fGTE era, the workload was managed by the supervisor to insure that the work is completed on time and within budgets. The new VZ, NYNEX and Bell Atlantic managers have new tactics. Recent software was developed by vendors and Verizon employees to include a feature that actually times the employee once a operation begins. This timing features include software production, service order provisioning, and various network work order functions. We once briefly saw a feature, during a roll out of new software, that counted the time between provisioning / contact approval and payment to a vendor. The feature had the time listed in days, minutes. The poor performance of the new software required extra time to correct the software failures.

The poor quotas then equal production equals PROFITS. One manager whom, I know, had her BONUS reduced from $ 52,000 per year to a mere $ 13,000.
That's too bad. She was only able to pay her 13,000 county tax bill on her contemporary executive home . Boohoo, her BMW had to wait till next year.

- Verizon H8er ID: 9561A1

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07/05/09 | 11:03AM
this is a prime example on why managers rush their technicians and do not care if the customer is happy. it also explains why at least 6 phone workers died on the job in the last couple years.

- Verizon H8er ID: 72E3F0

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