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08/03/07 | 16:42PM
US Telephone Infrastructure in failure ,too

With the recent bridge collapse in MN , it should be noted that our nation's telephone infrastructure has been in decay for years. Buried cables made with leaking lead sheaths and jute cables under air pressure are a disaster waiting to happen. Not to mention clay and asbestos conduit in our large cities. However FIOS is VZ's answer to that statement. Try rural areas that will not receive FIOS, Mr Seidenburg. My family lives in a Verizon served area in North Carolina. They are still on the original cable placed in 1933. They cannot receive DSL nor dialup and the landland is very poor.

"work hard,pay your taxes, but keep your powder dry "

- Verizon H8er ID: A625DC

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06/29/08 | 12:33PM
Just a note from a Verizon employee who has been working in the "outside" field for more than 20 years. Those old cables in more cases work better than some of the new ones. For the most part they have been left alone to perform their "function", which is to carry phone traffic. Yes, the outside plant in old and in some cases in need of repair or replacement but it takes time and alot of dollars to just do it. Kind of like GM saying, all our vehicles in the US are old so lets give everyone a new one. Bad analogy but maybe you get the point.

- Verizon H8er ID: A12F81

07/08/09 | 18:35PM
stupid analogy to say the least. so customers keep paying bills whentheir service sucks? you are obviously an employee of this shit run company

- Verizon H8er ID: CCBDC1

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