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11/02/12 | 14:59PM
non union utility crews turned away from damaged Sandy areas

A non union utility/power crews from Alabama were told by New Jersey utility crews they cannot work in New Jersey if they are not union.-HUH???


Towns requested their assistance, not these "union" employers. I've heard alot about unions in New Jersey including the IBEWs agenda to make anything with electric in it a IBEW job. The IBEW wanted to make all telephone work low voltage electric which requires licenses and permits.

Note though this might not even be a union policy. They said they were stopped by crews in New Jersey.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 13648A

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11/02/12 | 16:48PM
I believe in divine providence. Verizon will reap what is sows. Continual heavyhanded management, cost cutting measures, flagrant EEOC complaints, union and management layoffs that helped to fuel our economy to ruin. Now, VZ and many utility companies will be forced to rebuild their infrastructure in the Northeast. The cost will be in the Billions. Sadly we, as consumers, will be faced with delays with their carefully worded corporate news releases.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: B6CA96

11/04/12 | 17:38PM

Apparently there was confusing and unclear paperwork presented to the incoming crews by the unions/IBEW so supposedly it was the company that sent the crews home.

I think you had some over zealous or fanatical union members pushing this issue and not New Jersey. It is the unwiley sense of entitlement to utility work that have actually killed the union movement in the utility companies/country.

Ironically is is/was the CWA that doesn't want it's members to go through a certification process for their job(because too many actually don't know it in detail) and yet their union brothers are saying that out of state utility crews aren't 'qualified' because they are not union?

Most utility workers period are not trained, licensed or certified much like that of an electrical worker or steam fitter. Most utility worker unions are a bargaining unit and not a trade union. The company trains and not the union. So the skill level is what the company is willing to pay for, not the union. To top it off bargaining units major focus is job security at one company and not the trade/business as a whole. I digress.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 13648A

11/13/12 | 8:33AM
Are you insane. People needed help but the union stopped it. This is not about company you idiots, its about control. Unions for a brief min couldnt give up a bit of control to help people. Unions made a choice...money over people. PERIOD

unionshame - Verizon H8er ID: 95E782

04/14/19 | 19:27PM
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