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08/16/07 | 18:15PM
I will NEVER do business with Verizon AGAIN!

Where do I start - when I was in college, Verizon was Bell Atlantic. I sent them a check for my share of the phonebill - $16. They cashed it for $160. When I called, the service rep was incredibly rude, and when I asked if they were going to pay my check bouncing fees (since I was a poor college student), the woman said "I did not do this to you, you do not need to give me attitude." Hours on the phone later, I got them to fix the problem - and pay half of the check fees (~$40.

A few years later, $150 of charges to my phone bill from 1-900 sex numbers that were made one right after another during working hours while my husband and I were not home. When I called Verizon to dispute the charges, the rep told me that "I should ask my husband again where he was during the times that the calls were made." They agreed to take half of the calls off, even though it was later discovered that my phone line was tapped into from outside of my apartment building.

Fast forward to last year (after switching to another carrier for many years). I got Verizon phone and DSL. My first bill came and someone else's DSL charges were on charged to my line. After 1/2 hour, they said the charges would be taken off. Next month, they were still there and there were new charges as well. I called AGAIN...oops, they didn't cancel that other guys DSL. The month after that, I was charged the other guy's $79 early termination fee. 4 months later, all charges were off. As soon as my 1 year committment was up for DSL, I switched everything to my local cable provider. I called verizon to shut it all off...next month I received a bill for 2 lines. Seems "Cancel my service" means "open another account"...after many calls, that was resolved. I received a refund check for $18. Yesterday, they sent me another bill, claiming that I never specifically said to cancel my DSL. I HATE VERIZON!!!

- Verizon H8er ID: 941BC5

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