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08/19/07 | 20:36PM
Finally a fellow hater that cares enough to make a site about it

Verizon is not worth the words of distain I have for them. One cannot just hide behind a name either and keep pointing fingers down the line at whos fault your stupid charge or broken promise was. I am so upset (its been over a month since the most horrid incedent) from the last time i talked to verizon that i still cannot even write here what happened.

Today however i received a bill for 426 US dollars. The actual bill is supposed to be less than 100. The bill reports no charges from having gone over minutes or messages and my plan does not allow internet or anything like that. I am too mad to even give good details. sorry. Im you understand, i just don't want them to win (by pissing me off without me being able to do anything about it)

-dave (brea, CA)

- Verizon H8er ID: 86DB32

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