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08/19/07 | 22:38PM
V Rep Fell Through My Ceiling

I had a rep install FIOS. He put his foot through my ceiling. He was unhurt. They said, 'No problem - get it fixed. V will recoup.' Well they haven'y and all I get is the run around, returned letter to a mgr., "attempted, not know.' One individual who supposably handles the billing has been on Vacation for over a month. If you or I missed a bill because WE were on vacation - they'd shut us down. Personally, I'm disappointed. It's not the money - its how V has handled eveything - piss poor. So that said, tomorrow I am filining a lawsuit against V in Orange County, CA. I have the resources to see this thing through to the end... So I'm gonna stand up and make it known they can;t treat people the way they do...

- Verizon H8er ID: 0F2CCA

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