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10/15/06 | 1:18AM
Finally Got Satisfaction From Verizon

I was having problems with my service and billing, and I finally got satisfaction after I wrote a letter to the Attorney General of my home state, New Hampshire. The A.G. office contacted Verizon on my behalf, and got the matter settled right away. Verizon had been billing me for some cell phones that were NOT on my account. I have one phone, and they had been billing me for three. It was a computer billing error, but Verizon refused to correct it, and reported me to a collection agency. It took over a year to get it all straightened out.
Now, to the individual who says that people who complain about these issues are "women", go back to your shitty filthy country. Yes, its obvious that you are an import. Your immature and lame attempt to insult us by calling us "women" is laughable. The fact that men from your country are so immature and insecure that being called a "women" would hurt them is so typical of the undeveloped and juvenile attitudes of so many people who find there way here. Fuck you and your pathetic wit. People who complain about bad service are not weak. Perhaps these issues dont bother you because you come from a place were sleazy, underhanded business practices and the fear of smart women are the order of the day. But thats not the way it is in this country, you asshole.

- Verizon H8er ID: 13D04F

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12/24/08 | 2:14AM
Fuck ya!!

- Verizon H8er ID: B97760

12/24/09 | 15:02PM
people who complain make sure that business are kept honest. Great job in taking on this BS company. I have worked for them for 8 years and I know first hand the trickery they use to sell the product. Unfortunately, it is the few greedy bastards at the top who give the company such a bad rap. There are a lot of good people who work for the company but they have to follow the staus quo.

- Verizon H8er ID: F1FC0D

05/19/10 | 2:54AM
It is much worse than just a few greedy slimeballs at the top. I have been lied to by numerous vz reps. All of them knew good and well that they were telling me a bald-faced lie. That goes beyond status quo!

Somebody's got some real angst about their womanhood don't they! Do I smell a feminazi?

LOL - Verizon H8er ID: 09D651

12/30/10 | 2:35AM
I RECORD all conversations with verzion AND follow up EVERY conversation with a paper letter summarizing promised actions.

I like to give notice that I too am recording the call during their announcement of call recording.

With a follow up letter for every converstation and a recording of every conversation I have it locked down tight. Now I even record conversations with field managers or agents without their consent to cover all my bases.

With ViaTalk prefixing the verizon contact number with *99 automatically records the call

so for fios "service"

*99 1888 553 1555

If you don't subscribve to viatalk, a voip (internet phone) service, you can record calls free with a headset, a SIP client (software) capable of recording, and place your call through a free toll free SIP gateway

Small claims court grants some leeway with recorded conversations and does not look kindly on liars.


Verizon fios over moca RAPES SIP and RTP - Verizon H8er ID: EC7C6F

12/30/10 | 2:35AM


contact your local-, state-, and national representatives and DEMAND a change in law

anyone who speaks on behalf of a company issuing promises of this happening or that not happening again OUGHT BE BINDING as it is for "agents of a company". Further this law will require any agreements made by phone reps generate a PAPER letter to you (including all deals, abrogations, concessions, refunds, upgrades, on site service, etc)

HELP STOP THE "SAY ONE THING RAPE YOU LATER" policy of verizon and similar entities

do your part to STOP RAPE TODAY

call, email, and MOST importantly send PAPER letters

Verizon fios over moca RAPES SIP and RTP - Verizon H8er ID: EC7C6F

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