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08/29/07 | 22:15PM
Verizon Fraud over $66

I got fed up with inaccurate billing such as unexplained charges that show up in subsequent billing statements but dont tie off to any detail charges in any prior statement period. All calls to Verizon were always futile in that the CSR's were always politely useless and apologetically powerless to effect any useful response. So after my contract expired, I paid off my final bill with Verizon so I could port my phone number to my a new carrier(Cingular). Verizon would not port my phone number unless all charges due were zero. Then 8 months later I started getting harassing calls for some "unpaid balance" which I had no idea about because I had paid all balances and no open balances existed. Every time I complained to the appropriate State Agency and/or the FCC, Verizon would switch and use a new collection agency. This continued for a year and half....in the end they put a "Charge Off" on my credit report for $66. Apparently the 5 years of proven and propmtly paid cell phone service (over $10000 over 5 years!) for the two lines I had were of no relevance when compared to a $66 unsubstantiated bill that was manufactured after the time I had service with Verizon. Verizon could not even specify the date or billing details to show how the $66. were conjured up by Verizon. I refuse to have money extorted from me in this manner so now I have had to tolerate a blemish on my otherwise stellar(780 now 680) credit report. Verizon will never ever get my business again nor should they get anyone else's if I have any input. Verizon practices fraud, extortion and defamation via false credit reporting to which consumers have little to no defense or rights.

- Verizon H8er ID: 9A003B

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09/11/08 | 6:22AM
I can identify with your story. I have been billed for a couple of international phone calls on my land line with Verizon a few years back which none in my house placed but was billed to my number. I send in the amount due minus the charge for the two calls which was around $26.00. I asked them to investgate and they said they will if I pay Verizon $40.00. I said no way. I called those numbers and the people who answered the calls we did know nothing about. Anyway I never paid for the calls and thought everything was fine since Verizon stopped sending bills for the $26.00. Then about two years later when I had to finance something I got the credit report stating I had couple of problems on my credit report. When I checked it out, it was the $26.00 from Verizon. I called Verizon and found out from them that the unpaid charges were for voice mail. I said no it was for a couple of international calls that no one in my house made and asked them to go back and look. The CSR said they can only go back couple of months. Anyway what the Verizon did was change the charge to reflect voice mail charges without my knowledge. I don't know anyone offers voice mail for $26.00. It was a fraud they committed. I don't have the original bill now other wise I could have taken some kind of action for Verizon going in to my account and falsifying my bill.

- Verizon H8er ID: 91767E

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