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09/01/07 | 17:30PM
Double and triple raped

I signed up with verizon earlier this year,DSL service for my ONE home computer.I was stupid enough to give them my bank-card# for automatic bill pay.Then I started getting billed three times a month,after repeated calls I found out they had me down as a business account with multiple #s.After several weeks of tracking down every extra # and many,many calls I was told they had cancelled the additional accounts and I would only have one bill and I got taken off direct pay so they would mail me a bill. Wrong! the next month I was double billed this time(on my bank card),bouncing my checking account three times!I had to call them many,many more times to cancel the extra account,get another refund(which takes 30 days),and they refused to cover the overdrafts that they caused.I also called the bank and had my card cancelled.Several months later,after still not receiving a bill in the mail,my account was past due.I called them fearing my service would be cut off(which would cut off my phone also)and did a one time payment with my husbands bank card.The next day they double billed his card causing three more overdrafts($35 each),now I have to cancel his card and sue them for 6 overdrafts that they refuse to pay even though they admitted they improperly billed me.They have even sugested it was my fault for keeping my bank account low!I make sure I have enough in it to cover what I KNOW is coming out!I am on a very tight budget due to Workmans comp.(which is none of their business).I cannot cover their mistakes and for each of those overdrafts my credit is being ruined!

- Verizon H8er ID: 8C4691

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