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09/10/07 | 0:08AM
I hate Verizon wireless. Here are plenty of reasons why:

I made the mistake of signing up for a cell phone plan with Verizon. I've had Cingular and T-mobile in the past, and it's been a surprising disappointing how often I've had to bear with dropped calls with Verizon. While it hardly happened when I was with Cingular and T-mobile, I estimate about a good 20% of my calls are dropped. It's really been a hassle.

In addition, the SLVR I currently have to put up with has started freezing. Though Verizon has honored its 1-year manufacturer's warranty on this phone, it's been a pain trying to figure out how to successfully clear the memory of the old phone, while it's freezing (Verizon tells you to do this before you send the old phone back). The L7c didn't come with drivers and there's no hell in way I'm spending anymore money buying that kit to link the phone to the computer. Why do you even have to pay extra for that?

It's also interesting to note that some Verizon stores charge extra to transfer numbers from one phone to the next. After receiving the replacement phone, I called up the nearest Verizon store to transfer numbers and they said it cost $10. $10--to transfer numbers after having to bear with a clunky phone for several days as I wait for the new phone to arrive! Anyway, I ended up taking the phone back to the store which processed my replacement phone order and I wasn't charged. I just wonder why the double standard?

One more thing, when they say they send you a replacement phone, they mean exactly that. What I got to replace my SLVR was another SLVR--in a plain cardboard box. No new battery, no new backing plate, no new manuals. They tell you to keep everything you have and just send the phone back. I wonder if the replacement phone I got was a refurb, and after I send it back, it'll be sent out to the next person who has trouble with their current L7c.

Last thing I hate about Verizon is their billing statements. The layout is difficult and complicated. They really don't make it easy for you to read.

All in all, I'm waiting for my current cell phone plan to expire. While Verizon's coverage has been okay; the hassle of the dropped calls, unreliable phones, and unusual billing is enough to keep me away for good. Is it February yet?

- Verizon H8er ID: E359AE

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