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09/16/07 | 18:46PM
customers aren't too bad either

i work for verizon i know how difficult it could be, but believe me alot 95% of the customers that call in out morons and think they know it all but they don't, for instance lady i talked to last week moved outta here area code and b/c her moron relative was in jail she needed to keep the number, well it cost money to keep its called remote call fowarding, she said she shouldn't have to pay it, and demanded to speak to a supervisor bc she felt i didn't have enough "power" in the company and that it could be done, (keeping her same number that is) i explained i'm sorry m'am it has nothing to do with my authority here it is just not possible, she than threatened to call the FCC on me, i got her a supervisor they told her the same thing. as well as i love my customers that call up and say "hey you bastards shut off my long distance i gotta make a very important call and it's not working!" ok sir well from our records you haven't paid your bill in over 5 months we had to shut of your long distance "no no no no no youare not authorized to shut off anyone services it's the law you are violating the law i will report you" or my last customer i had fri "yes i need your customer service dept" ok well i do new service connections what are you looking for? "i need customer service thats all" ok i'll be glad to get you to our customer service dept do you have a ? on your bill or would you like to pay it, if you could tell me whats troubling you i would be glad to make sure you talk to the right person "sir do you understand english CUSTOMER SERVICE I NEED" ok sir i understand you need customer service but we have different dept i don't wanna see you get transfrd all around, so what exactly would you like help with? "OMG! serisouly you people are so annoying i just wanna know about some products you offer....ah no just get me to customer service!!!" sir i will transfr you know to our billing in customer service refuse to let me help you, have a great day. like i said 95 % of the time the customers are F'n morons but 5 % of time it can be verizons fault. ALL ican say is Thank God for the Mutebutton

- Verizon H8er ID: 4044B9

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11/01/09 | 18:06PM
I know what it's like to work in a customer service call center. but I also I know that Some customers are more help-able than others.

all I needed was a new phone... after the 12 years I spent with them... that's a lotta money.

- Verizon H8er ID: D2404A

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