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09/19/07 | 17:01PM

I have 3 Verizon wireless at home. Husband has own line. My daughter and I have a family plan. I lost my phone earlier this month before I get $100 rebate (it is over 9 months now). What kind of b--hit it is? And I had to pay $20 to active my phone (I got my friend's last year's free phone). While I suspended my cell phone, it tells my voice mail that this phone is no longer in service! What kind of b--hit again! No wonder I heard that "oh, I just got out of college, I do not know much about IT real world is, where Ishould start?" "Verizon!" Because it does not requires you know stuff at all, get paid, and have fun since it can rip off customers!

- Verizon H8er ID: 247CD5

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