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03/15/13 | 21:41PM
Sneaky, Slimy & Incompetent

I just got off the phone with Verizon and wasn't at all surprised to find a website dedicated to the abuse they put their customers through. I tried to find a place on the Verizon website to share my disgust with them directly, but it doesn't appear they want customer feedback, so I'll share it here. I actually have three negative Verizon stories.

Here's the first -- I had Verizon wireless, home phone and internet a while back and decided they were too expensive so I called to have everything canceled. A month or so later I got bill from Verizon internet for two months worth of service. Apparently, my call to have all my services turned off only addressed the phone and wireless -- internet was separate and required a separate call. You would think if it's all on one bill you can shut it all off with one call -- not the case. And they didn't tell me that either. So I ended up with a bill for two months of service that I hadn't used. I told them I wouldn't pay and then dealt with their inept billing team for an entire year to get it straightened out. They threatened to send me to collections (for $43) and so every month for an year I called seeking resolution. If I owed the money I would have gladly paid -- but I didn't. So on every phone call to Verizon that year I talked to a different person, had to tell the story over and over again (apparently they weren't capturing it in their system), and it was so frustrating that after a year I gave up and sent them a check, just so the nightmare would end. And guess what... about a month later they sent me a refund. Complete incompetence.

I've been a loyal DirecTV customer for 9 years and recently decided I needed faster internet (I was still on DSL and trying to run a business out of my house -- not working!). So I called DirecTV to see who their internet partner was, thinking I could save money with a bundling package. When they told me it was Verizon (in Fairfax County, VA) I initially said no thanks -- I was not interested in going down that path again. But after a couple months of DSL torture I called up and ordered Verizon home phone and Internet, through a DirecTV bundle. When the Verizon contractor came out to bury the FIOS cable, he showed up at 5:00 the night before Thanksgiving. He ultimately decided not the do the work that night because the cable had to go under a concrete patio. Frankly I didn't blame him for not tackling it then and was glad he left considering I had a house full of company for the holiday. But a couple weeks later the cable was still not buried and ran down the street past three houses to the FIOS box. So I called Verizon to let them know the work was not done yet and the guy I spoke to told me I was wrong -- that in their system it said the cable had been buried. I didn't matter that I was standing in my backyard looking at it; he was looking at the computer and therefore I was somehow mistaken. He spoke to me like I was an idiot. But to appease me, he'd send somebody out to take a look. Well the cable was finally buried - they did a crappy job -but it's done.

And just today I got a call from a Verizon telemarketer asking me to switch to Verizon TV. I pointed out to the woman that the ONLY reason I was with Verizon was because of my relationship with DirecTV and the bundling option. And she said to me, "and you wouldn't consider dropping DirecTV and switching to Verizon?" Are you kidding me?! Verizon is a bundling partner to DirecTV and got my business through them, and now they want to steal my business away from them. That is the lowest, sneakiest, slimiest thing I've heard in a long time. I was so angry I told them it was slimy and that as soon as my contract was up I'd be canceling my business with them as a result.

After that I called DirecTV to let them know the kind of company they are partnering with. They agreed it was slimy and were very appreciative of the call.

Can't wait for my contract with Verizon to end. They are the worst on planet!

Paula in Fairfax County, Virginia - Verizon H8er ID: ADD8AE

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05/07/19 | 11:02AM
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antoniarm3 - Verizon H8er ID: E278CF

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