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10/02/07 | 2:48AM
Rebate Scam w/ Verison Wireless

I signed up with Verizon w/family plan of two lines on 1/20.08, it is 1400 min about $120 monthly. I bought a Krzer $180, it had $100 rebate ($70 and $30), and I had to wait 3 billing circles, which I waited, it is 10/1/07 today, I am still waiting that $100, it may never come.

I lost my phone last month, so I had to call them if I could suspend my phone while I was looking to buy or get a used phone. It was stupid enough to annonce "this phone is NOT in service", finally my friend offered me her used Verizon phone, and it charged me $20 for that.

I have two years plan, and I got my daughter off Verizon, got her a plan from Sprint, I had to pay $135 for earlier termination fee which I do not care because in long run, I am still ahead. Verizon plan start with 6 am to 9 pm peak time, and it charges tax messages. My daughter is in college, I am paying $20 per month that has 500 min with 7 am to 7 pm peak time, free tax message too. Now I have to figure out how to get rid of my plan too. After I changed my plan, all my employees will follow me when their plans are over with Verizon, so we are not only losers.

- Verizon H8er ID: B3E49C

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