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10/25/06 | 14:24PM
Verizon is Charging me for MISSED calls!!!!

I called Verizon and spoke with an unresponsive respresentative.

I have numerous charges for missed incoming calls for 1 minute. The majority of these calls are from online colleges from areas codes I know I did not answer. I had registered online to get info but then decided not to answer these calls. BUT I AM BEING CHARGED AS IF I DID... Also there is a day I did not take my phone to work w me and I had a call come in from my ex husband with whom I do not speak, but it was charged as if I did. NOW I KNOW I DID NOT PICK UP THAT CALL. I have numerous calls in my missed call log on my phone that appear as a charge on my bill. I was told by VERIZON that there is no way to prove this. That was the answer. The idiot representative contacted the fraud department at Verizon but obviously they would not take my call as they ARE COMMITTING THE FRAUD. I am so outraged and sick. I am so angry. I hate Verizon. Is anyone else having this problem??? Contact me at ElisabethB2004@yahoo.com. My bill was double because I gave out my cell to quite a few online colleges but swear that I did not pick up the calls. They called repeatedly and sometimes 5X a day. I was charged 1 minute for each missed call. Can you believe that? VERIZON SUCKS

- Verizon H8er ID: 74FFFC

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