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10/02/07 | 15:34PM
I so don't want to be IN! Verizon Is a horrible wireless tyrant!

Up until this last weekend (9/23/07) my wife and I had been loyal Verizon customers since 2003... We had problems with our phone batteries and we went to a local mall store to see if we could have something done about it. (The problem being the phone won't hold a charge. Fully charged and then talk for 15 minutes and the phone is dead. Not good.) My wife went into the store while I waited outside with our daughter. She came back out frustrated and pretty upset. First the guy behind the counter was on the phone with a friend and told my wife to wait. Strike One! Then he look at her phone, said it looked to be in excellent condition but probably needed to call the warranty phone number to find out for sure what was wrong and most likely the battery was the issue but she would need to wait until February to get a new working phone and also re-up the B.S. two year contract. This was the best he could do. No phone calls. No check on the battery. Just a stupid warranty exchange number that won't help because we've had the phone for over a year. Strike 2! So she knew of a kiosk that was in another spot because wanted to find how much it would cost sever Verizon contract because she was curious and still ticked. We went to the Verizon kiosk and ask the guy behind the what it would cost to sever the contract. He looked up the account, laughed and the told her $150 and then the other guy behind the counter also laughed and stated "per line". You do not disrespect my wife or any other customer who is asking a simple question about the service being provided. Strike 3! Verizon can count on this story being retold to everybody possible. I'm now stuck with a crappy phone and service provider that apparently doesn't believe in customer service and treating customers as people. I hate Verizon and now I'm stuck with the S.O.B.s until 2009. Flippin' wonderful!

- Verizon H8er ID: FD9B52

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