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10/19/07 | 18:56PM
Pay us more to give you less

So i have verizon DSL, i signed up when they had a deal going for X amount of time the cost will be $XX rather than $XXX. From the get go, i've been getting constant disconnections from their servers. My dial up from years ago stayed connected more often than this. It happens about 5 or more times a day, and those are the infrequent ones. The frequent ones, at exactly 7:35AM, 1:50PM, 4:40PM, and 2:40AM, I'm disconnected from the server EVERY SINGLE DAY. So in total i'm getting disconnected at an average of 9 times a day, and their customer service and technicians insists something is wrong on my side even though i've had 3 contractors from different companies come to my house and look at all the lines testing for noise, taps, and what not and nothing is wrong, but somehow the verizon technician finds a problem where i can solve it by purchasing a $55 hardware from them that for some reason i can't buy from anywhere else because only verizon provides it. I call customer service and they tell me basically the technician was hustling me to sell some of his own stuff. So do they fire him? No, i see him working on another line a few streets down from his verizon van. Aside from that, verizon tells me if i want to cancel my dsl i have to pay a cancellation fee that would equal about 4 months of dsl, when i've got 2 months remaining. Even as i'm submitting this i've gotten disconnected and had to wait until i got connection back. Only way to make a difference for better quality is to 1) lawsuit or 2) massive boycott of all verizon products. I've opted for option 2 and am never using any verizon or affiliated product ever again.

- Verizon H8er ID: D0804B

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01/17/09 | 2:51AM
I have found that all kinds of contracts you sign are onerous. Get things in writing and examine every detail. Do not buy through 3rd party vendors because they can lie to you but it will never be honored even if you have it in writing from the vendor.

Verizon sux!

- Verizon H8er ID: 202918

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